Do you have any petty knives?

Are you talking about these?

Or rather, these?

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For the home cook in California, naf, it’s none of the above. Victorinox supplies similar blades, but mostly for sites where some kind of plastic handle–often color coded–rules supreme to meet food safety laws.

My one American wood handled butcher knife, modeled after a “Hickory” knife patented in 1930, wasn’t being used at home any more. I bought it more than 30 years ago. These days, nearly everything has been already butchered and packaged at the supermarket–ready to be cooked. Same with bread knives.


Precisely these - I think both knife bundles are from the same Dick Blue butcher series.

I own 4 different Dick’s with the blue plastic handles and then 2 from the more luxurious series called Dick 1905.

As a home amateur cook I can cut and clean most type of meats (poultry, pork, cow, lamb) and filet most type of fish with these 6 knives (I could probably get by just fine with only 3-4 of these knives in my collection)

But the 6 dedicated Dick raw meat knives I own was the sweet spot for me going from larger animal cuts to filleting & cleaning a small bird like a dove.

I have 6 butchers locally (3 danish and 3 halal) and they all use either Victorinox or Dick plastic handled butcher knives.

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My local butchers, too. I bought Victorinox.

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