Do you have a restaurant where they make you feel special?

We do. We have a restaurant a few minutes away from us that we have been going to since they opened - about 18 years ago. It’s restaurant 121 in North Salem, NY. They are one of two restaurants in that area. The original owner now owns Village Social in Mt. Kisco. They have since gone through redecorating, menu revamping and many, many changes. But, we always get “our table” and within a minute or two of sitting down, my husband gets his spicy margarita in front of him. It’s really lovely. Anyone have a place like this?

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Yes its a small, family owned restaurant in NJ. We go once a month. Dinner is sometimes comped, dessert always is. My wife and I enjoyed many dates there. Our boy grew up on their menu from high chair to booth. Now, When our son comes home for a visit, the owners feed him and catch up like he’s a second son. One year we spent Christmas together as a family. Their food brought us there years ago. The off hrs relationship keeps us coming in. I have never cooked for the chef but I have always wanted to. My favorite dish is chefs veal parm.