Do you get a sugar hangover?

Not an immediate crash, more like do you feel sluggish and depressed the next day, almost like with alcohol… I’m trying to decide if there is a connection between diet and mood. As a pastry chef, it would suck if I had to give up sugar, good thing I already like darker chocolate. What do you think? Have you found a connection between food - particularly sugar but anything else too - and mood?

Yes! Sorry. I had to give up gluten for various reasons (including some of which you’re describing.) But even too much gluten-free carbohydrates will give me what you’re calling a “sugar hangover.” It also disrupts my sleep. I used to think caffeine was the culprit, but for me, the inability to sleep at night is a result of too much carbohydrate, no matter what the source. Some foods are so difficult for me to have in moderate portions that it’s better for me to stay away from them altogether.

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I get foggy, slow, moody and my joints ache. I notice it now that sugar (and things that turn to sugar,) are rare in my diet. Its funny how you can not realize how bad something makes you feel until you realize how good you feel from not doing it!

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Absolutely, although I didn’t notice this before I went low carb - I think when I ate carbs regularly my body was accustomed to running on glucose and my blood sugar level was probably higher overall. Now that I eat low carb most of the time, it’s a real shock to my system and definitely gives me hangover symptoms the next day.

Sugar is probably the worst culprit but really any fast-digesting carb can do this to me, if eaten in sufficient quantity. On a related note, I also have a vastly reduced alcohol tolerance when I don’t eat carbs and get hungover easily even if I am drinking alcohol that is fairly low in carbs/sugar (e.g., red wine, straight whisky or clear spirits).

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