Do you eat where you shop?


And their $1 churros! There are some days when I sample enough, that I leave feeling like I’ve had a meal.


Had a sinfully good porchetta sandwich at Tarry Market in Port Chester, N.Y. It is an Italian market owned by the Bastianich/Batali team. They provide some tables in the front…
Of course, there are all kinds of eating and drinking areas at Eataly in Manhattan.


During our recent trip to the Beltway, we offered to cook dinner for our hosts. We did our grocery shopping at a nearby Whole Foods in Fairfax, VA. It is one of their concept stores. While passing the Whole Foods Smoke Pit counter we could not help but indulge in some ribs and tender brisket. How good it was. Delicious!
This store also had a sushi counter, beer bar, and full fledged seafood counter serving oysters and clams all day long.

(Bruce) #64

No, the majority of the time I do not. I will get food to take home and eat right away but seldom eat on premises. This goes for Central Market, Phoenicia Specialty Foods, and the deli at Spec’s Liquor warehouse. On some occasions I will sit in the car and eat what I’ve purchased - half of a bowl of chili from Spec’s, or a quarter of a muffaletta; I went there more for those than for shopping in the first place.

I have eaten in the food court of Super H Mart, at both the Korean fried chicken place, The Toreore, and Bibijo’s. Mostly, though, I get the KFC to go and eat a few pieces in the car.

Part of the problem is the size of the portions. I know I’m not going to be able to finish them and am going to wind up taking some home, anyway.

However, there is a Salvadoran tamaleria, pupuseria, panaderia and taqueria near me that also serves as a grocery store and I have eaten in there several times as well as gotten food to go. There is an Indian grocery in Sugar Land which is very good and they have a window in the back with a kitchen that turns out some of the best Gujarati food around. I have eaten there several times though the tables are unsteady and you only get plastic utensils and paper plates. I get food to go from there too but it’s a bit of a drive and the food suffers.


Noticing seating areas at most new and renovated food markets now. I think we can say that markets where we typically shop are now in full competition with restaurants…


Mitsuwas actually is a chain, not as big as some U.S. chains, but nevertheless.

There are many regional chains. For example, I had never heard of Wegman’s or Publix before reading this website, and I’ve done my share of traveling.

We have a Mitsuwa near my home and sometimes the food court is the destination. We eat ramen or udon or bento lunch , then shop. It’s wonderful.

Also, I once ate half a hotdog at Costco. That was very delicious!


Drinking where you shop is also coming on: as in some Whole Foods Markets where they actually have beer bars, and DeCicco’s Markets in the suburban New York area…


(Dan) #69

Sure, and usually out of curiosity or habit. Like IKEA cafe, cheap eats but I feel like I’m eating toddler food.
Costco, churros when my son was young was one of his fav things and I would have a small cup of frozen yogurt.
Wegmans, encourages you to stay as long as you want, I like their made to order pear salad.
Netcost, has a prepared food section to dine in or take out. If I go in the morning, I will eat a small meal there before I food shop.
Best Food Markets, hot coffee and a bag to go.
ShopRite, usually something from the steam table but they have a small eating area usually occupied by employees.
Livotti’s, something from the deli case and I leave with freshly made mozz and ricotta cheese.
WF, I grab a ginger tonic, drink it while I shop and pass the empty bottle thru checkout.


The Wifeacita is a slow shopper by nature but at upscale everything Central Market in Houston she turns it into a marathon.

I used this opportunity to drink a nice bottle of zinfandel at a great price and get in some good people watching.

(Eileen Schwab) #71

Yes, especially if i’m shopping on the way home from work and it’s over 100 degrees outside, I might get something to drink. And I always pay for it, by the way.

(ChristinaM) #72

I was in the Des Moines suburbs recently and was surprised to learn the HyVee grocery chain has a very popular “market grill” bar and restaurant. Lots of neighbors stopped in for a drink on black Friday. As a concept I guess it works there!