Do you eat cold cheese?

I know it has more flavor at room temp but I keep my cheese in the fridge and when I want to eat cheese I just get some and eat it cold. I want cheese now, I don’t have time to let it sit at room temp! It might be cheddar with crackers, feta on a salad or American in a cheese sandwich.

Oh a salad, yes - it’s usually cold (crumbled goat or feta cheese sprinkled on top straight from the fridge).

When cut for crackers, I do try and let it sit out for 15-20 minutes before slicing. Doesn’t always work.

Cold. Room temp. Warm. Melted.

It don’t matter.


I wouldn’t not eat cold cheese - but I do bring most cheese to room temp before eating, especially soft or semi-soft cheeses.

I really detest cold cheese on warm sandwiches and cheeseburgers.
Something all wrong with the sensation, and it usually means I won’t eat there again.

Sometimes. I like cream cheese and fresh chevre cold, and I don’t mind most slicing cheeses cold. Anything runny has to be at room temp, though.

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I’m eating cold cheese right now! I stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way home, and I’m hungry! But if I’m serving a cheese course to other people as part of a dinner I do want it to come to room temp for greater enjoyment.

I prefer it at room temperature especially very good cheese, the difference is amazing (especially hard cheese). But when at times, in a hurry or forget to leave them out before the meal, I do consume them cold… Once or twice I heat them at a the lowest possible temperature with a microwave (I slice them). It’s not ideal, but better than hard and cold cheese.

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Had JUST this situation this evening. Try popping it in the MW for 5 seconds. That might be all it needs. It won’t melt.

Not a gourmet treat by any means, but… TJ’s mild cheddar sticks are an often welcome snack. They are tastier at room temp, of course, but sometimes I’m impatient.

OTOH, I’ve been known to nuke a stick or two for 30 seconds until melty.

My Dad keeps soft rinded cheeses in the cupboard until he cuts them, then he puts the rest in the fridge. You should smell my parent’s kitchen when there’s some Camembert or Epoisse in the cupboard!

The only time I plan far enough ahead to warm it up is when I’m preparing a cheese plate for a meal or party.

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Not only do most cheeses taste better at room temp, or warmer, but the hard ones slice a little cleaner if the chill is off them.

Cold, warm, hot off the ground, I don’t care it’s cheese and I will eat it.


The only time I eat cold cheese is in restaurants where I’ve mistakenly thought they knew how to serve it. Unless it’s actually out there in the dining area (as you’d generally see in France), it’s taking a leap in the dark to guess whether they’re just going to pull it out of the fridge as orders come in or have it properly at room temperature in the kitchen.