Do you eat bruised fruit?

Always cut the bruises or bad parts out, even slight bruises make the fruit mushy, which I don’t like. That said, ok for baking or smoothies as per @Rooster.

It’s funny, since I so automatically shun bruised fruit, or cut out the bad parts since childhood, I decided to experiment; I ate a couple cherries with brown spots, nectarines, grapes & etc. Kids are right - they taste bad! I think it’s also an evolutionary protective device to keep us away frompossibly harmful foods.


I cut off the bruised bit and eat it.
But in Sri Lanka, the cheap fruit juice shops love bruised/partially rotten fruits as they can be bought very cheap and then make drinks for high prices.


I don’t like waste at all and food waste in particular. Little bruises get eaten. Big bruises that have started to ferment get cut out. Sad little buggers turn into breads and pies.