Do NOT Open This Thread!

Alright, so now we know you cannot follow directions.

I thought about putting this in the ingredients and recipes board, but decided putting it here would perhaps absolve me of just a little bit of guilt as the innocent might be less likely to stumble upon it by accident.

I beg of you, seriously, I BEG of you not to click this link. If you do, you will be sorry. It’s not something that is easily forgettable and clicking the link is totally at your own risk.

Can’t help yourself? Just have to see?

Fine. You’ve been warned.

Last chance - Don’t do it!


Mod note: Warning. Link contains graphic content about cannibalism.

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I did . Am I supposed to be freaked out. Yawn . Thanks for posting. I am so much stronger than the news.

Well this post caused quite the stir … unfortunately I don’t even think it is real.

Spoiler …

I can’t see any hospital letting you walk out with your amputated limb.


Truthfully I was as skeptical as you initially, then after the “stir” I did some research and it is 100% true. Several legitimate new sources including: The NY Daily News - Huffpost - Dailymirror, to name a few all carried the story at the time. (I think it’s from 2016)

According to the article, a hospital has to respect the request to be given an amputated limb because of certain religious beliefs which require a body to be buried “whole”. I have heard that before so it does make sense from that context.

Well, I’m a middle-of-the-road female, middle aged, blah blah, and I don’t see a problem with this. I know placenta stew is an accepted gesture of respect for the body. His choice, his emotional journey. His friends participated at his request in a like-spirit. There’s an unbridgeable gap between this and eating another person as meat. I don’t see a slippery slope.

Or am I freakin’ nuts??

I opened the thread. I let the cursor hover over the link, and saw that it was about cannibalism. I decided against reading it, and did not open the link, because I did not wish to read the article. I did not do anything unusual, and I don’t see why anyone should get upset. And I certainly do not think that anyone should leave the site over this.

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I 'm not sure I get this. Surely the only benefit of eating the placenta would be for the new mother herself - to restore nutrients after the stress of the pregnancy and the birth?

Hey, don’t look here. I do realize that people get freaked out by this subject, but I was raised as a Catholic and the central sacrament in that religion is an an act of ritual cannibalism (the Eucharist). Once that dawned on me in junior high, I became interested in the anthropology of cannibalism.

A pretty good recent book, easily available from your local library:

My recollection from working in Labor and Delivery in Berkeley in the ‘80s was practices varied, but some folks and cultures share the repast. NOT an expert. I invite others to google.

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I’m far from an expert myself - but here is a CH thread on this subject from a couple of years ago:

The links to my own contribution to this thread have sadly expired - but if you google “Trots and Bonnie placenta” you will link to a number of Pinterest posts. Shary Flenniken was, I think, the only female cartoonist at the old National Lampoon and that Trots and Bonnie cartoon from August 1973 is funny of course but also instructive about the recent history of this practice.

No weekend complete without a deep dive into such topics. NatLamp! Good memories!
Thanks for the heads-up.

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