Do I need a 6 qt sauté pan?

I know this is not about sinks, but I like my 2 basin sink. Dishes pile up in the one on the left, and I can still use the faucet, garbage disposal, etc in the one on the right. I wash the good knives, pots and pans, but everyone else leaves cups, forks, spoons, dishes. Should I not be sharing that?

I once put plastic wrap over the left side and suggested folks put dirty plates in the dishwasher, which is two inches away, but they just complained about the plastic wrap.

I’ll spare you the sight of my piled up sink.

Husband must have heard me complaining to you guys and emptied it. Liquid measuring cup for perspective.


Yours is a mirrorimage of mine

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold