Divisions within the Regional Boards

Northern New England should not be lumped in with Boston. It’s nearly too much having Portland, ME lumped in with Northern New England (honestly, I’d argue that Portland and Boston need their own boards, and all the rest of Northern New England should be together.)

I’m guessing that there are a lot of other regional boards that this is true for. Maybe if we collected all the discussion about these categories together that might be of some help for the site folks.

(I did do a basic search to see if this had been addressed on a broad spectrum and only ran into threads about specific regions. Always keeping in mind that I only just signed up for this site today :slight_smile: )

With respect, I view this too-macro issue to be no problem right now. While I’d much prefer Wyoming not to be lumped in with Seattle, there aren’t yet enough posts about Seattle (and none about Wyoming) to make it onerous. I suspect the same is true for Boston/New England.

Food Talk Central suffers, IMO, from being too micro.

As HO grows, more geographically narrow boards will make more sense.



Less is more.

I can see this argument but only to a certain point. My tolerance for having to wade through posts that are irrelevant to me except under a specific set of circumstances is very low. That being said, you have a point, right now there isn’t all the much volume on the boards.

Maybe we could talk about what we consider reasonable criteria (number of posts per day, or something) for going ahead with a regional split.

In the mean time, could we please get some more detail on the sticky posts for the regions that direct people to include specifics about the location they’re discussing either in the subject of the post or in the opening phrases? People posting about Boston food have a distressing tendency for not giving any real indication for where something they’re discussing is located, as they seem to assume that everyone is from Boston.

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