Disturbing food images Houston/Galveston


Fried shrimp from Gaidos.

Famous fried platter

We’ll be down there in a few week but will stick with Benno’s and Red Snapper Inn Surfside.

The shrimp are supposed to be delicious.

(Doo B. Wah) #2

I always wondered what they meant by “food porn”.

(Lamb Owner) #3

OMG that’s odd! Still, I like Gaido’s. The round things dohn’t look like hush puppies, I wonder what they are.

I have had the shrimp at Red Snapper, superb. Best shrimp to date, BB’s.

(Lamb Owner) #4

I saw this week, food you can’t stop staring at. I wonder how the spices in number 6 work out?

(Bruce) #5

No they don’t look like hush puppies - I thought maybe there were some kind of puff pastry thing.

So weird. “From the new Reconstituted Foods section of our menu! Just sprinkle a few drops of water on each item and watch them morph into something like freshly prepared food.”