Display Only One Region on Home Page?

The home page shows all the regional postings as well as Cooking, Culture, etc. But since people don’t put regions in their subject lines, I either have to load the NJ region and then select individual topics, or select a bunch of topics that have nothing to do with my region. Either way, it’s an extra step.

Is there some way to show just NJ (for example) on the home page along with the other categories?

I did some research. the answer is yes and no. Its possible to for the ‘Latest’ topic list to display only specific categories. But to do that it requires a forum plugin. We don’t have that.

I can give the plugin a try next time we restart the server. Although to set expectations, we try not to restart servers unless its necessary, so you may have to wait on this one.

Including the link of the plugin for my own reference:

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