Dishpatch ( Kerridge box ) ( at home )

What, still doing food boxes when the pandemic is over ? :slight_smile:
Yep, that’ll be us, plus we both had Covid in the last few weeks too, so not sure why we bothered ever staying in.

Anyway, Dispatch Kerridge style.
Never been to his Michelin starred public houses, but may consider it after this, though we might end up totally stuffed.

The menus was

Truffled Tunworth gougeres - kind of like savoury profiteroles that you pipe full of a Tunworth/ truffle mix and then sprinkle/douse in parmesan. Not for the faint hearted as a snack. Bit too truffly for our taste. Shame on us.

Potted shrimp and sourdough /dill cucumber pickle.
Never really enjoyed PS before, but really enjoyed this. Mr K helpfully suggests putting the ramekin in hot water before easting so the butter goes soft rather than being a lid. I think when I have had it when eating out before its always been a bit too frigid, hence the lid. Mr K’s tip worked a treat. This was unctuous and peppery (and shrimpy )and went down a treat with the pickle. They did send the sourdough toast pre sliced and toasted, to be warmed in the oven, though. Which is WEIRD. Come on Kerridge, send us a little sourdough loaf to warm through. We can be trusted to do that, at least.

Lamb shank shepherds pie, curried mash, hispi cabbage, herb dressing. I never thought Id say this, but thank the Lord for that cabbage. The pie was ace, big, bold, tasty, rich (maybe a little salty, but that’s okay ) and that there cabbage was needed for crunch and to avoid richness overload. Lovely.

Date and toffee pudding, Jersey clotted cream and toffee sauce.
We were full by this point. Very full. Despite having only eaten one of the potted shrimps and eating the Gougeres the day before ( we always split these boxes over two days ). But but but ! When a pudding is this light, and the sauce is so in tune with the pud, and the clotted cream cools it all off and mixes in harmony, well that ‘second stomach for puddings’ glides open and you find you’ve scoffed the lot in double quick time.

So, scores on the doors - a solid 7/10 for Mr K.
All super easy to do ( just the one oven setting, Mr H ), dead clear instructions and good scran, if not very cheffy on the plate ( like we care ! ). Points off for the weird toast and too rich snack.

Perhaps not banquet worthy but definitely worth a go while covid rages on :slight_smile: .