Dishoom - Shoreditch - REVISIT

(Jan) #1

I decided to pop into Dishoom ( for some black dal. I’d practically been dreaming about it since I first had it here. Comedy of errors ensued! When I sat down, there was only the breakfast menu and no dhal in sight. I suppose I could have asked if they had some anyway but my courage failed me and I was hungry. I ordered kerjiwal

Two fried eggs on chilli cheese toast.

and a side order of masala beans. It sounded all right and I was looking forward to some spice. I told the server that I couldn’t eat sweet peppers and waited. What I got was some overdone toasted cheese with two average fried eggs and a little thing of ketchup. No spice anywhere. I asked about the beans and was told that they had peppers and someone had forgotten to let me know I wouldn’t get them. I wondered if the server had listened when I told him twice that I wanted chilies, just couldn’t eat peppers. Again, my mood wasn’t into it today. I ate it and left.

Will I go back? You bet! But this time it will be the black dal or nothing!



Love the toilets here with the moody music and candelight


(John Hartley) #2

They’re opening a Manchester branch later this week. I suppose I’ll get round to trying it sometime.

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I have also been dreaming of that black dal since we visited Dishoom a couple years ago. I found a recipe online but have yet to make it. I keep joking with my husband that we need to go back to London just for that! He works for a company based out of the UK so maybe I can tag along next time :slight_smile: If you try it, please let me know how it turns out:

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(Jan) #4

i want to have it at least once more before that. i’d love to try it, that’s for sure. this is one of the very first times i’ve sat smelling and tasting a dish and no more sure of what’s in i than when i started. it’s unique, that’s for sure. so if you do come to london to have another bowl, let me know and we can figure it out together.

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