Disgusting Food Practice: Here is an Example of Well-Done Steak

We all know that many restaurants are running at very thin margins. The high pressure environment can manifest in different manners. Some practices sound bad, but factually not that bad. Some sound bad, and are in fact bad.

Here is BucketHeadNation Dad’s recalling what he was told to make a well-done steak:

(the video should skip to 5 min 49 second. If not, you can just jump there on your own)

What do you think? Do you know any questionable practice and like to share?

Eh, wash it off and put it in family meal. And if a dropped steak is that disgusting, keep your floors cleaner!

We’ve all employed the 5 second rule once or twice, haven’t we? Not that I’m recommending it in a professional environment.

Disgusting things I’ve seen - sewage back-ups, teeth marks in chocolate blocks from rats who chewing through Cambros (maybe why a few little mice don’t phase me anymore), having to sort through semi-rotten produce that the chef got for free … the first two somewhat beyond anyone’s control, the last one tested my limits. I’d be given slimy rhubarb and pints of berries glued together with mold and be expected to make sorbet. Free sorbet! He loved it, he’d be so happy about getting something for nothing :scream:

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, I eat at home. Where I have the control.

That is the funny thing. I am willing to be a little more generous in my own kitchen than my expectation in a professional kitchen. Like you said, if I drop a steak on my own floor, I may consider washing it clean, and maybe slice off the surface and recook it. I don’t want that from a profession kitchen. In addition, if I cut myself, which rarely happened while cooking, and spill my blood to the food, I would still prepare the same food and eat it. However, I don’t want to eat someone else blood, but I think that is understandable. You cannot infect yourself with your own blood, but… someone else blood?

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Come on. Not all the time, right?

No not all the time. Where I’m living now. It’s not about the food. It’s about the people serving you

So. Mr. Hiking guy… what is your drop your fruit cup in the wood? :heart_eyes:

I’m not hiking. Living in the town where I’m sick of bacon. Time to get in shape and change it up🕺

Rule of thumb. Never carry a fruit cup in the forest. Always have grappa

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I’m not really sure what you are looking for here, our reaction to the father confessing he’s worked in kitchens where food was dropped and served anyway? I"m not going to go so far to say it’s common practice, but I’ll promise you it happens far more often than you would like to believe. Don’t believe me? There was actually a Chef Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares where a “chef” dropped a piece of raw chicken on the floor picked it up and threw it in the pan, ON CAMERA. (I don’t even recall him washing it off, maybe he did but I do not remember it)

It happens if you aren’t willing to accept the fact(s) that it does then you simply shouldn’t dine out, because I promise you your food has been “contaminated” in some manner or form.

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Why not just rinse it?? How dirty are those floors?

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