Disgusting consequence of the fast food self order kiosks...................

These aren’t the nuggets I go to Mc Donalds for…


Self-serve is here to stay. We’d expect that bank ATMs, gas station pump keyboards, transit ticket machines, etc. stand a smaller chance of being cleaned as often as a restaurant self order kiosk? At least at McDonalds, you have a choice of ordering at a counter.

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Initially, I intended to make some smartarse shit related remark - hopefully marginally amusing. Then I read the article which notes a link to Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Alice, the daughter of my friend and ex-colleague, died of tampon related TSS in 1991. A lovely girl, aged 15, with her whole life ahead of her. http://www.tamponalert.org.uk/akta/alicesst.htm

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Who, please hands up, do not wash their hands after going to toilet?

Obviously I had no way of knowing that so my apologies, my intent was not to try and make light of something of that nature.

True, some places, nobody ever cleans the screen. I guess the choice is to clean our hands after use.

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In the media, I’ve heard a few girls lost their legs to save their lives due to TSS. I think people should be more aware of that.

In the spirit of laughing so you don’t cry, a joke driven by the underlying competition between US Army and US Navy. SFW but a little TMI.

A soldier and sailor are standing at adjacent urinals. The soldier finishes first and stops at the sink to wash his hands. The sailor finishes and heads for the door. The soldier remarks “the Army teaches us to wash after using the bathroom.” The sailor responds “the Navy teaches us not to pee on our hands.”

I think that’s funny. However bathroom faucets, at least those without IR or motion detection sensors, regularly are reported as having high bacterial and virus counts.

I think the McDonald’s statement about providing facilities to wash your hands is unrealistic. For a single person just when do you do that? Leave your food on a table? Then what? Order and then wash? What happens to your food on the counter?

I acknowledge being a little fussy but my tolerance for fast food continues to decline. We’re packing road food. We’re packing food for plane travel. If circumstances dictate I’m prepared to be hungry for a few hours until I get somewhere I trust.

Absolutely not needed.

A particularly relevent question bearing in mind health advice related to coronavirus. So, I was sort of surprised the other day when I needed to visit the toilet at the local supermarket. During the time I was in the cubicle, I could hear two other people come in and use the urinal. Neither washed their hands afterwards. Me - I wash.

I wash, use paper towel to turn off the faucet and use shirt sleeve or paper towel to open door if it opens inward.


I’m a closed fisted guy. Once I wash my hands I close handed “punch” the towel dispensers handle and/or the door as well.

(if we are in a public bathroom and you use the facilities and don’t wash, I’m calling you out, or calling you a filthy animal. I have -0- tolerance for that)

i’m elbow dispenser guy…

when someone explained to me for first time how few people wash and what your shaking hands with when you open bathroom door on your way out i wanted to boil myself and then chug a gallon of purell.


Depending on the dispenser, you can run out some paper towel before you wash and then go get it.

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You would be surprised at how many don’t . Hey, my hand is not up for that!!

I guess the choice is to clean our hands after use.

Not sure exactly how and when this became the norm (though it’s reached fetish levels only during my lifetime as far as I’ve been able to tell), but I’ve always found it some combination of interesting, entertaining, and a little disturbing just how easily many people are totally grossed out by, well, “reality”… I think it is (and always has been) extremely unrealistic to think that any  surface anywhere “in public” is especially clean, much less “aseptic”… Do so few people remember their mothers/parents telling them “don’t put that in your mouth, you don’t know where it’s been?”:rofl:


What’s the alternative? Attendants standing by to wipe down the screens (and every other surface in the place) after each person touches them? Mandatory disinfection of every customers’ hands as they enter the restaurant?:wink: Or ?

All else aside, we don’t get sick from “germs”, we get sick from too many of the wrong “germs” in the wrong place at the wrong time, which realistically, doesn’t happen all that  often… Indeed, there’s a lot of fairly solid scientific evidence that “excessive” asepsis (“excessive” being defined differently in different contexts), leads to “unhealthy” weaker-than-normal immune systems…


I agree with all you wrote. My point is that McDonald’s statement did not read like yours - it said “we have bathrooms for you to wash in.” I think that is unrealistic.

I guess, but otoh, can you imagine how well my version would go over as a corporate news release? (“McDonald’s - like everywhere else in the world except hospital operating rooms, IC chip factory clean rooms, and possibly your mother’s kitchen - is a Dirty Place. Get over it.”:wink:)

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