Discussion: Food Trends (or Hype) which has Faded

There are many food trends. Most of the ones we remember are the ones which survived, like pizza, gelato, tacos, burrito, sushi, Greek yogurt, Pho, Sriracha hot sauce, low carb,…etc. Yet, there are probably just many food trends which has faded vs those has thrived.

I can think of the Salad Bar restaurant. They are not as popular as before. Root beer float… am I correct that they are no longer as popular as before.

What do you remember which were very popular, but no longer the case.

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Root beer floats are still popular in our house. The only places I can remember buying them, though, are places like Ten Sleeps (Wyoming), and the Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas.

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There are so many! Here’s a list of 1980’s food trends:


When I checked for the '90s, I found this comprehensive list:


One level up, the list expands to 17,000 BCE.


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Oh my, I do agree many on that list. I am not really sure if sushi has gone sideway, but it is certainly not the only big boy in town now. Quiche definitely has suffered much in recent years.

quiche may not be mainstream, but it’s a staple at my house. It’s great for using the little odd bits that are left over, can be eaten out of hand, hot or cold, and is simple, cheap, and tasty.

Wasn’t that way until we lived in France and realized how easy it is to make, and what a versatile go-to it is. Salmon and spinach…ham and broccoli…chicken and mushroom – whatever strikes your fancy.

Similarly, Spanish tortilla (with sliced or shredded potatoes) is another stronghold at my house. Kinda the ultimate comfort food.

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I wish the tweezered and stacked food would fade and die .


You mean something like this?

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Maybe I’m the odd one. I eat what I like…I will sonetimes tru new fads because I’m a hound like that)

But I don’t remember the last craze I really rode. Baby kale is ok in salads, love dinosaur kale in lots things, but it still mostly goes into soup. Can’t stand stevia, cronuts are a travesty, and cold brewed coffee leaves me meh.


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Spanish Tortilla? How different from Mexican tortillas? I’m intrigued. :slight_smile:

It’s sometimes called a Spanish omelet, as well as a Tortilla de patatas – it’s cooked potates (shredded or sliced depends on who you asked) sometimes tossed with some onions, then several eggs (well-scrambled) are poured over the potatoes and the whole thing is cooked gently until the egg is set. If you really hit it out of the park, the eggs are creamy and soft in the middle.

Some people call it a potato omelet, but the name doesn’t really do it justice.

I have it a lot if I’m on my own for a meal - breakfast, lunch OR dinner, as it’s fast, easy, and absolutely delicious.

It has nothing at all to do with the griddle-cooked flat tortillas of the Spanish-speaking new world!


I grew up with a ton O’s Mexicans, but no Spaniards.
Interesting how terminology varies by region
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Will BBQ fade away? It is trendy now.

As a trendy cuisine, in non traditional BBQ locales, I would imagine so.
I would think the traditional areas will always prosper. I don’t see it becoming as standard as Italian or even Mexican places.
I could be completely off base too. :slight_smile:

hush your mouth.


Barbecue will never fade away in places where’s it’s normal rather than trendy.

You can keep all your fancy cue – give me a wood shack in the middle of nowhere under a billow of smoke, with everything from pickups to Mercedes to semis in the parking lot. THAT will be good cue that never falls out of fashion.


Not until BBQ has more vegetables. :slight_smile: But then it won’t be BBQ as we know it.


Ha ha ha. Are you from the South? (I forgot, Florida?)

Now that you mentioned it. I remember NPR has a show about how “grilling” is a little too hyped now. People try to grill everything from cookies to whatever. Basically trying to put everything on the flame.


Oh boy. Now you’re going to start an argument.
Grilling is for backyards. BBQ is an All American religion.

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I do want to start an argument. People don’t talk enough…

Agree a million times . And have you ever had trendy barbecue that was worth a shit . This is barbecue . https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Scott's+Barbecue+you+tube&view=detail&mid=9C3CE0ED41519E7B86709C3CE0ED41519E7B8670&FORM=VIRE

I think it almost has to. My husband is big into bbq and especially smoking, and I have to admit I tire of it. That’s American bbq, there are many more styles that I’m NOT tired of. Maybe you could narrow the type of bbq?