Discovering Indigenous Cooking


An interesting look into a different way of life.

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That must have been an awesome experience! Cool article

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In general I don’t like to be one of Those People - but it’s not clear to me what the Cree get out of this. Please correct me if I’m misunderstanding but I don’t see anything here about them gaining financially - whereas the Quebecois chef gains a lot of cred, at least.

ETA: I have erased a long (overly long) rant.



I’m going to say they got nothing.

They may have been happy to see some outside people though. I’m guessing it could get lonely up there. It is about as remote as it gets.



THC Slushies sound like the bomb and this is likewise food related, or at least munchies related. :slight_smile:

Considering Ratgirl’s valid and thoughtful point, (I would read your rant) this was the very next article, about other indigenous folks up North raking in the bucks on pot and pleasure.
I’m familiar with reservations because we literally lived across the street from the Salt River Reservation in Scottsdale and the conflict was strong for awhile, though much better now.



Here in the Bay Area, we have a café in Berkeley run by members of the Ohlone tribe, who are native to the area. I’m hoping to get there one Tuesday for their open café hour.

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