Discovered a "phantom" Irish Whiskey

Found on the shelves at my local Kroger. Less than $16 / Fifth. Sazerac-owned brand. Distilled twice and blended in an unnamed Irish city/county. Bottled in Louisville, KY by Clear Springs Distillery (owned by Bullalo Trace). Absolutely no reviews anywhere on the web.

My opinion: very light, but very drinkable. Nose is definitely Irish, but not as pronounced as Jameson’s or Bushmill’s. At it’s current price point, I would buy it again. And again.

Any other HOs have experience with this blend?


I will have to keep an eye out!

In my whiskey collection, I would say Irish whiskey is the most underrepresented. I alternate bottles of Jameson and Bushmills (which I like better). In the past, I had tried a brand called Old Tom Horan which came in at around $19 and tasted similar to Jameson/Bushmills. However, this label was at one point only available in NJ through Bottle King. I don’t see it anywhere else.

For a birthday present once, I was given a bottle of The Quiet Man Irish Whiskey because of my love for anything John Wayne related. However, it was weak (not terrible) and for the price point ($30-35 I think), totally not worth it.

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Story: back in the early '70s my Mom’s brother visited me in my new lodgings–I was fresh out of college, and far less than worldly.

I had a roast going in the oven, and while we passed the time waiting for dinner, I brought out a fifth of Old Bushmills to pour us a drink. When I set the bottle on the table, my Uncle looked at it a long moment…then said: “Jimmy, boy, you should never serve your Catholic kin a Prod whiskey.” My look of bewilderment lead him to add, “Distilled in the Six Counties, that’s Protestant country; and the real Irish don’t mix well with anything made by the hand of an Orangeman.”

History and sociology lesson delivered, we did significant damage to the fifth before the roast came out of the oven. .


That’s a fascinating (and funny) story!

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Bushmill’s is Unionist; Jameson is Republican.

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Truly awesome! Thanks, Mr Happy for digging up this obscure reference!

I’ll have to give this a shot if I can find it here. Thanks for the tip.