Discontinued Fast Food Disasters.....................

Well since the “What Fast Food Do you Love” thread is getting so much love, I ran across this article today and figured I would share.

One thing off the bat, I don’t think Mc Donalds ever did the pizza concept on the East Coast. I have -0- memory of them trying that in NJ. I liked the Arch Deluxe from what I remember. Several of these I don’t have any knowledge of, like the Seafood Salad at Taco Bell? (ewwwwwww…right @VikingKaj)

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I wish they would bring back the bell burger from taco bell. All the taco fixings in a soft hamburger bun.

Since that site is a slide show, you can go here:


enter the URL , and the slides will be presented on a single page. This works for lots of sites.


(Nice tip Ernie!!) I hate those slide shows !!

I do remember having one and liking it also. But I’m not enough of a fast food person to make something like that a hit. I didn’t love it enough for it to make a McDonald’s regular out of me.

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My sentiments exactly

Exactly. Fast food is hit it, fill it , on with it. Whatever your doing is more important. You have minutes , not hours.

If you get url’s like in the op ( https://www.cheatsheet.com/culture/no-one-really-misses-these-gross-discontinued-fast-food-items.html/?ref=YF&yptr=yahoo ) you can just delete everything after the html ( https://www.cheatsheet.com/culture/no-one-really-misses-these-gross-discontinued-fast-food-items.html/ ) hit enter and it will be presented on one page.

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