Disco Fries-- A Jersey Thing

Any love for New Jersey’s Appetizer? French Fries smothered in cheese and gravy, no doubt a knock off of the French Canadian Poutine. Such a simple dish yet can be easily screwed up. Also a quintessential Garden State diner snack. Was at a diner in Tarrytown, NY a few months ago. We ordered Disco Fries and the waiter paused and said, “Oh…you mean fries with cheese and gravy?” Yes, that’s what I meant.

I was at the Globe last night and had a hankering for these. They do not have the item by name on their menu, but if you ask for their spiral fries with cheese and gravy, you will be in for a treat. These are the best damn Disco Fries I’ve ever had in my life.


Again, such a simple composition but each of the three ingredients need to have something going for them: 1) the fries must be crispy to withstand the toppings (steak fries usually do not work), 2) the cheese has to be “melty” enough to spread over the dish and be gooey when pulling the fries apart; melted slices of cheese do not get the job done and shredded barely works too, 3) the gravy must have quality because there is always more gravy than cheese, and it is the last thing left in the dish when you have those few remaining naked fries.

This below is from the Menlo Park Diner in Edison. Good flavor, but just didn’t work.


What are your favorites? Who is putting this on their Fat Sandwich?


They are available in many places in Westchester county and listed as such on menus, usually brown gravy and mozzarella. Were you in Tarrytown or on Tarrytown Rd?

In Tarrytown. An October trip to Sleepy Hollow.

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Lol, Greg! My son loves disco fries and poutine. I would put a fried egg and avocado on mine. My son likes his with hot sauce. Great write up.

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The ultimate loaded fries are the Cholander fries from Kimchi Smoke. Chef Robert Cho loads his fries with smoked kimchi, cheddar cheese, pulled pork, and his fatboy bourbon chipotle sauce. These are not my pictures.


Just had some loaded cheese fries in New Orleans at R&O’s. They come with the roast beef debris gravy, fantastic.


So probably Bella’s or the Horseman … neither great IMO. I have never seen a plate of disco fries in Westchester that looked appealing … The fries in the pics paryzer just posted look amazing
EDIT: the fries in the first pic you posted look pretty good as well :slight_smile:


Sorry, it was actually in Elmsford a few minutes away. The El Dorado Diner. Fries were fine, but the gravy was disgusting bordering on rancid.

The only food I had in Tarrytown was at the Greek restaurant, which was delicious.

Ooh! A fried egg would be heavenly.


Yes … ew for that one too!
Next time you are in that area post to the NYS board, there are so many
interesting places in that area and so many people here that would love to share their experiences… my favorite is Mint, sorry no website, they are on FB

I bar-hopped around that area. The Set Back Inn was horrid as was The Tapp. You can read my review of those places here. The Huddle in Sleepy Hollow was decent for late night apps and decently priced drinks. That review here.

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I only know Lefteris of the three you mention, I prefer Santorini, but have not been in a couple of years. I’m glad you found at least one place you felt was decent … don’t give up there are some wonderful spots in the area.

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Disco fries used to be our go-to at the Tick Tock in Clifton before they redid the place and it went downhill, but as far as I’m concerned, the only rule @gcaggiano left out is that they MUST be eaten in a diner. :yum: