Disappointed in my Coffee

I have an Areopress that I use mostly for travelling which I have also enjoyed at home.
Eta: I use a Moka pot everyday the Aeropress time to time when pressed for time.

As for the grinder and coffee getting stuck try running some rice through the grinder that should solve the problem for you.

Tried that and doesn’t help. It’s usually broken bean pieces that get stuck, and perhaps that slot to the side is a tad too big too. Grinds well, so can’t complain otherwise. Just easier not to deal with that every morning, or even every week.

I begin by unplugging the grinder, tapping it gently over the compost bin to loosen anything that might have been caught in the grinder.
Plug in again add rice and grind.
I do this after each use it helps to keep the coffee oils from clogging up the machine.
Also helps prevent the rancid flavour from the oils to develop and that may spoil my brew.

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We’ve got two huge machines in the office that make espresso-based drinks (plus hot chocolate and chai lattes).

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I have a Eureka and managed to jam it because I adjusted the grind while it was off. Right or wrong, probably wrong, I rotated it using a chop stick. :muscle:

I am with you on the brown water quality of keurig machines. Also got a nespresso machine. One of the big honkin’ ones that you can also use to froth milk. After going through hundreds and hundreds of pods at a $1 or so a shot, I bought a deLonghi super automatic. A step down from the Jura in price, but still cracks into 4 figures. I believe I have at this point made my money back on the purchase as bags of whole beans are a lot cheaper than those nespresso pods. Quality of the coffee is great. Just turn the knob for strength, push a button for a single or double espresso. 10 seconds later its ready. 10 more seconds to make it an Americano.

I use a Gene small batch hot air drum roaster


That Gene looks like it takes up some serious real estate and your home must smell wonderful year round.

I’m not ready to bite off home roasting but never say never because I didn’t think I’d ever bother making espresso at home.


I get my morning pot using store (HEB) brand French roast, a Capresso Infinity grinder, and a now venerable Bonavita. The grind is somewhat coarse. I love very dark roasts. They are lower in acidity. I also have an extremely old Elektra lever espresso maker and a Sette 270 grinder for espresso. For espresso I love the Grizzly blend from Texas Coffee Traders. I tend to drink Espresso like an Italian, standing up and quickly. For a leisurely late morning cup, sometimes I’ll have a cafe latte, sometimes with 1% milk and sometimes with oat milk. I love coffee.


How old is it?

I have the Microcasa Semiautomatica. Clearly I’m lazier.


I do not think it is lazier, just different. It is about fifty years old.

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You are too kind but I’m lazier for sure. I got the Semiautomatica in 2004 and it sat completely unused until 2022. I was pleasantly surprised it works perfectly.

When did you get your lever?

Sorry…I edited the prior post. It dates to the '70s. The copper and brass patterns are quite different from the modern ones.

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Wow. I’d like to see it when you can post a photo!

Here’s my 18 yo youngster compared to yours. I have the original portafilter but go with the naked instead. I wish the Elektra had more clearance Clarence. Wut? :smirk:

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Wow! What a beauty!! It’s in great condition too. Some online haven’t fared well. Have you needed to do any repair work?

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What are those two cleaning solutions? For descaling or backflushing, or something else?

Nothing so exciting. Mrs.Meyer’s dish soap and hand soap, both geranium.

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Nothing other than periodic and very simple gasket and heating element changes. This machine is super easy to work on.

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