Disappointed in my Coffee

I upvoted your post because anyone who can work in amortize into a topic about coffee deserves it. Keep up the good work!! :trophy:


Nespresso coffee is much different. The size of the pods is somewhat different according to the size(espresso, double espresso, etc.) whereas the KCups are pretty much a uniform size.

The coffee, to my palate, tastes better. YMMV. Even the less strong coffees are pretty punchy.


Thank you. I have a friend who drinks coffee all day long but doesn’t like to take the time to do what it takes to improve the flavor/quantity. I am looking for gift ideas.

I tried the Nespresso at an Italian Shop and really liked it.
Quite similar to brewed coffee.
The Keuirg, I’m not a fan.
For me, it tastes diluted like I added hot water to the coffee.
I did not buy the Nespresso because of lack of available counter space and I love my Moka pot.


Had a similar issue with my Keurig-it took up a lot of counter space…whereas the Nespresso has freed up a LOT of space and allowed me to do some organising of my coffee bar

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Thank you @Tiakate, good to know.
I was too busy enjoying the coffee as it was so good.
Really didn’t pay much attention to the dimensions of the Nespresso and it certainly is a consideration for the future.

Fellow economists?!

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Convenience has its issues. I’m still home roasting, grind on demand and use a Bonavita drip machine for prep. Coffee is usually darn good but it’s the fresh roasted beans that makes the difference. Been through the espresso rabbit hole before


Making espresso or pour over is enough of a hobby, but home roasting sounds interesting.

Ive heard of people using their popcorn air poppers to roast the beans.
Which method do you use?

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If you are in/near NYC, have you tried Porto Rico?


They will ship in the continental US, the beans are very fresh, and this might just make enough of a difference. I, too, like a strong Starbucks-type brew (especially Caffe Verona). The Porto Rico French Roasts are flavorful without being burnt. Aggie’s blend is a perennial favorite.

Agree. Italian coffee is the best. I also visited Italy before the pandemic. Tried a freshly brewed coffee at an Italian shop near my hotel. I was surprised by the quality of Italian coffee. So I’m obsessed with finding the perfect coffee. I purchased Gaggia Babila (made in Italy) by recommendation from this review, really helpful. But, what is really important in coffee taste is beans. The coffee beans have to be of high quality for sure.

That was my first roaster many many years ago. Then heatgun dog bowl method, Then stir crazy/turbo oven. Now the Gene

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I found making an Americano is a nice alternative to pour over.


That’s what my wife makes when I’m not home–she doesn’t want to bother learning how to use a Chemex.

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I understand her pain. Haha. I doubt I’ll go to the trouble of pour over. If a regular cup of coffee is wanted an Americano is 90 seconds away.

I’ve used my technivorm Moccamaster Cup one almost every day:

I almost always use it with Colombian from a can.

It’s easy-one button–and Technivorms usually win taste tests.


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I remember the first Keurig K-cups when they came into our offices. Everyone was so excited, because it was convenient and loved the variety. No one liked making that pot of coffee and having to wait for it to finish, only to find that lazy people would use it all up before the employee could return. I think Keurig remains an acceptable office coffee, where standards are just steps above brown water.

For home, blah - no interest in Keurig. Today’s home one cup brewers are miles ahead of what I remember. I’m a big fan of the Aeropress and bought a burr grinder to grind my own, but I dislike having to clean out the grinder when the beans get caught. Converted to a Nespresso about 4 years ago, after a business trip to Switzerland. Been quite pleased with the quality and the ease of use. For those worried about the footprint, they make smaller models of Nespresso machines that are barely larger than a toaster. You’ll have smaller water tanks and the used pod catcher will need to be emptied frequently but it’s a good alternative. My sister who is in a condo has the small Pixie model and loves it.

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I strongly agree.

I used Keurig at home for years and years despite having two espresso machines that I didn’t know how to operate.

So this past January I resolved to learn one of them and have been bitten by the hobby. I enjoy my coffee very much now.

The company I work for was acquired a few years ago. Pre-acquisition, we were a smaller company where they gave us a few luxuries, like a Jura espresso machine in the office! It had a one cup grind and brew, and then also a traditional espresso maker on the other side. If you were comfortable using it, you could do the espresso grind, add the grinds into the little holder, tamp it down, and make a pretty darn good cup of espresso or Americano. Post acquisition that machine broke (it was a home machine and not intended for the 300 person office then) and new company laughed at shelling out $1300 to replace our Jura machine. :sob:

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