Dino's, Asbury Park

Appears to have suddenly closed. Big For Lease signs in the windows, and the place hasn’t been open for at least a few days.

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Anyone know what happened?

I was just on the local AP board and one person says she heard they’re moving to more affordable space, another says he heard Ocean Grove.

What really gets me (and I literally went there ONCE and thought it was fine but nothing pulled me back) is that they have a website, FB page, and Twitter acct, and there’s nothing on any of them. This is where I get pissed with business owners (not just restaurateurs)…it’s SO easy to communicate with your customers/potential customers these days–why not a simple sentence or two saying we’ve closed our doors OR we’ve lost our location but watch this space for updates. SIGH…


“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold