Dinnertime Sunsets [Memories]

A beautiful image that @Barca shared on the WFD thread has me thinking it might be fun to share pictures of sunsets that we’ve seen around our evening meals.

Travel is out these days and for many of us, December is cold and dark. Why not warm our hearts with nice photos, shall we?

I’ll start. Here’s a snap from a beachside dinner in Islamorada (Florida), March 2019. The dinner was just okay but the sunset was glorious.



Almost exactly a year ago - 12/26/19. The view from El Cabito in Las Galeras, DR. We hiked up (didn’t think our little rental car could handle the steep, muddy road), had a happy hour drink on the deck, and then walked down in the dark, which was pretty scary. Who knows what was rustling around in the banana plants. Totally worth it, though.


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Only sunsets? I don’t usually specifically wait for the moment. But here are some golden hour photos:

Loreto, Baja Sur.

Dinner by the pool during golden hour. Just did a wonderful hike from Alájar (a village where I based myself during a week long walking holiday in the area) to Jabugo. Made my Jamón ibérico dream come true last October!

Just got to Spiekeroog (traffic-free island in the Wadden Sea) late in the afternoon. Golden hour on the beach.

Golden hour in Brussels. Those carefree days seem so long ago but this was taken only a couple of years back.

Tirol, Austria. Just arrived at my lodging and already secure the alcohol for the evening.


This is the same views without the alcohol, from the deck/balcony.

Düsseldorf, Germany.

Safari in Namibia


Bremm, Germany. Bremm has Europe’s steepest vineyards and some of the absolute best Riesling.

Tokaj, Hungary.

Tallinn, Estonia.

At home

Lunch is also a nice time:

Loreto, Baja Sur. Had lunch here on a tour to see humpbacks and many hundreds of bottlenose dolphins in a feeding frenzy.


Beautiful photography …

Have a lovely weekend.

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Sounds like a fun adventure!

Some years back, my husband and I did something similar in the hills of Vieques island, off the main island of Puerto Rico. I narrowly missed making contact with a fat, hairy tarantula spider as we walked along a dark road between our lodging and a restaurant. All good as the spider and I were each unscathed.

Wow, wow, and wow!

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Similarly, we were walking after dark to dinner in Burma and came face-to-face with a scorpion.

I love this thread. We have had so many memorable sunset/golden hour meals but B is the family photographer. I would have to dig through years of photos. Eating seafood and drinking cold beer on various Thai beaches; sunset meals in Burma; sunrise tea and biscuits in the shadow of Mt Everest; sunset grilled fish curries while sailing through the Philippines. Lobster shacks in Maine watching the East Coast’s last bit of sun.

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I do this a lot - set off on a hike or a drive without thinking it through. In Nevis, in Baja (that wasn’t a hill, just a fogged-in peninsula), and on Culebra - maybe you were a stone’s throw away on Vieques at the time.

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A few assorted sunsets: various Hawaii, Arizona, San Diego, and Sunset Beach NC. Great memories and thanks for starting this thread @tomatotomato!


Rome walking across the river Tiber last spring, on the Ponte Sisto if the location info is correct. I think I was on my way to dinner somewhere.


Some sunsets from the patio at the Princeville Resort in Kauai (formerly operating as the St Regis Princeville), while enjoying a Piña Colada and some appetizers, and a couple sunset shots while waiting for a bus in Hanalei on Kauai.


Wow! :star_struck:

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I just read that the resort is currently closed, and will reopen in Nov 2021 as 1 Hanalei Bay.

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Beautiful pics @prima! I just love Kauai, it’s my favorite of the Hawaiian Islands. As if I could pick a favorite, that is…

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Because it’s January and I dream of warmer weather, here’s a picture from a socially distanced sunset walk we took in Chatham on Cape Cod (MA) last September.



Beautiful! Love seeing the coastal waterways and marshlands! Nothing smells quite as nice as sea grass either - unless it’s the desert right after a rain. Thanks for sharing @tomatotomato.

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