Dinner Reservations in Rome Italy

I’m going to Sorrento & surrounding area as well as Rome at the end of September
How far in advance do I have to make reservations for lunch, dinner
Also any suggestions for dinner in either area? Other than private dining experiences

Not sure what you are looking for, but I would start with some of the writers and their various city guides. I like Katie Parla Eating & Drinking in Rome | Katie Parla City Guide

As far as reservation timing, some only open them a month out or so, some have online reservation, some you have to call. The only thing I would say is make the reservation as soon as you can once you land on a spot.

Good luck.

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Not sure what I’m looking for exactly but it ain’t hamburger lol Thanks for replying though

Lucky you going to Rome! Its a super city. We had a string of excellent meals in Rome this spring, reported on here and there has been quite a lot of Rome discussion by others recently for you to read. Katie P’s guide is a good start, but there are many great possibilities, IMO no musts. For dinner, you might want to start with places near your lodging (we typically eat out midday so where we want to eat gets factored into our touring itinerary) Also consider what sort of eating experience you like. For example we tend to go for traditional italian meal formats and the bourgeois cuisine dishes - good home cooking, roman and regional. Comfortable but not upscale. Others might like higher style, more innovation etc, or at the other end of the spectrum more pizza (typically eaten in the evening not at lunch in rome), street food, ice cream etc.
Just search the Rome posts, that would be a good start!
Do do a Rome search

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Ps when I say no musts I mean that there is no essential restaurant because the city is so well supplied with Places that serve delicious food, yet you will be better off generally if you follow some of the reccs here than if you ask your hotel or choose a random place off the street, especially in the touristic center. Places like Armando al Pantheon, Cesare al Casaletto (and its new spot closer in the Center) Trattoria Monti etc reliably serve delicious food so a reservation is worthwhile but they are not unique and there are alternatives if you dont get a res. Its not say like El Bulli back in the day or more recent sensations.

End of September is a nice time its cooling down and fall crops like funghi porcini will be coming in. Its a busy time also with business and government related business picking up even as tourism slacks off a bit.
Id start looking for reservations a month ahead once you figure things out.


Thank you

I’m back from my trip, these are some of the places that I’ve eaten in, all listed are ones. I’m recommending
Ristorante de Diocleziano , casual dining nice rooftop dining with excellent meloncello
Ginger great pizza
Harry’s Bar , Iconic kind of touristy but great cocktails
Opera Art, loved the entire experience
Tavern Agape seafood was great
Mifang Chinese Cuisine, great dim sum when you need a change although service not great
Vladdinino great white table cloth traditional Italian food
Doveralu. Cafe casual late night meal
Bijoux Restaurant & Lounge great Happy Hour
All the places listed here are relatively inexpensive but everything I had at these places were very enjoyable and no reservations were required
Gelato was amazing at most places however I have forgotten to make notes on them
Also every place visited made perfect Aperol Spritz’s

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Thanks @Ragtopssk…Can you add the ones you don’t recommend, when you get a chance?

Sorry only made notes on my favorites & my memories fail me on this matter. I’m an older man

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