Dinner near TIFF Bell Lightbox

Will be going to a screening at the TIFF Lightbox theatre this weekend and want to have dinner before. Prefer not really formal or, for that matter, “cheffy” food. Open to any culture, cuisine. Just some ideas please.

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Khao San Road for Thai (Pai is also nearby, but other HO contributors have noted a decline)
Tutti Matti for Tuscan, Pizzeria Libretto for Neapolitan pizza
Byblos for Middle Eastern
Luma is the O&B restaurant inside the Lightbox - I find their menu on the safe (dull) side, but they sometimes have interesting specials.


Agree with these suggestions. Luma is boring, if fairly reliable. In general, the less formal options are OK to good, there are few I would strongly recommend. Up on Queen St., there’s Ikkousha and Touhenboku for ramen. Little India is pretty good for Indian, as is Aanch on Wellington. Annalakshmi on Blue Jays Way is pretty good for vegetarian South Indian, but was uneven with the salting at last check. Milagro was pretty good for Mexican.

Of the fancier, more expensive places, I would also recommend Figo, Petros82, and Marked.

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Not that it matters, but Pizzeria Libretto is also O&B like Luma (see O&B mention in their posting link). Literally only just discovered today that O&B have majority ownership of Libretto, Porchetta & Co, and iQ!

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I had no idea. How depressing.

That said, I look forward to trying The Dorset at the Well! (On Front St W)

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I’ll add the Ca Phe Rang at 147 Spadina. https://capherang.ca/

I haven’t been to Milagro Cantina since 2019. I have enjoyed the appetizers, seafood cocktails and tacos before LightBox films and Royal Alex productions several times in the past. It’s not the best, but it hits the spot for me.

I enjoyed Baro in 2018

Also Kiin on Adelaide, or Patria on King W of Spadina.

Looks like the only place where we can get a reservation is Milagro. Going to a film so need to have something confirmed. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.


I like Milagro. The one dish I would avoid are the enchiladas. They aren’t saucy enough. I think enchiladas tend to be done better, or more to my taste, at Tex Mex restaurants. The dishes at Milagro that I have enjoyed the most are more Mexico- Mexican.

Adding Peter Pan Bistro - takes reservations.