Dinner near SFO - Burlingame? San Mateo? SSF?

Hi everyone - I know this has been asked and answered a million times but I’m not seeing very many interesting options here, on CH, google search, Open Table, etc.

Colleagues are staying in a hotel near the airport and want to do dinner tomorrow (Wed, 2/24) somewhere nearby. I suppose Burlingame, San Mateo, SSF or Woodside maybe? I used to go to Kincaid’s and it was decent if not ideal, but I looked at the menu and it seems smaller and not as interesting (mostly steak).

I’d like a place that offers more choice - i.e., some fish, chicken if American or ethnic would be fine too if it’s good. I would suggest Village Pub but think these folks would see that as too over the top for a casual business dinner. There will be 4 or 5 of us I think and we’ll be eating early - at 6pm.

Thanks for any suggestions!


If some can’t handle spicy, but others can:

If everyone likes spicy:l

Call for reservations.

Recently dined at Rasa Restaurant in Burlingame. Excellent dosa and curry dish.

Thank you both. Interesting menu at Rasa. I never would have looked at that but I may go check it out. To be honest, when I consider the diners, I’m guessing they would prefer American or Italian which is probably more familiar to them. In the ten years I’ve worked for the company, I don’t remember one ethnic meal - except for may be Americanized Mexican if that counts. My apologies for not thinking this out fully before I posted but thank you both for ideas for me personally :slight_smile:

How about Pizzeria Delfina? They have a branch in Burlingame.

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That’s actually a great idea - I saw that it was there fleetingly in one of my searches but forgot until you brought it up just now. I’ll throw that out to the group. Thank you!

We’ve eaten there. Pizza was good, but pasta was so so.

Vans in Belmont?

This may be too late - sorry I didn’t see this earlier. We’ve eaten with friends at Osteria Coppa in downtown SMateo and thought it was very good. All four of us are fans of Perbacco/Barbacco; OC is not its equal but definitely much better than the average SMateo restaurants.

Osteria Coppa
Address: 139 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401
Phone:(650) 579-6021

What do you like at Coppa?

I also missed this post and would also recommend Osteria Coppa. The chicken al mattone is always good, and I haven’t had a pizza there that I didn’t like. I can’t compare OC to Perbacco etc but agree, Osteria Coppa is much better than anything else in San Mateo.

For future use, here’s a couple I can think of in San Mateo:

Viognier. A little stuffy for my taste but quiet and decent food.

San Mateo Prime. Business steakhouse, exactly.

Izzy’s Steaks. Everyone actually says good things about this ( san carlos near SQL ), but I haven’t been.

Vault 164. I think I’ve been there for a business meal. American.

Block 34. New place. Very decent space between tables, good wine list, but a little basic in overall settings. Might be perfect for you.

There’s also a new Paul Martin’s Grill in the hillsdale shopping center. I wouldn’t bring a business person to a shopping center but YMMV.

Central Park Bistro - I think it’s a nice midrange place. I don’t remember how loud it is, exactly.

On the “ethnic” side ( HATE THAT WORD ) I might suggest Champagne Seafood. I am pretty sure they semi-private rooms ( which are really glorified booths ). It’s not seafood only. You’d need someone comfortable with navigating a dim sum menu.

I also might consider The Attic because the atmosphere is a little interesting, the food is a little interesting, but not too interesting.

Most of the other “ethnic” places I would consider too loud for a business dinner, or not fancy enough, or too long a wait, or too hard to get reservations.

[ Delfina was a good suggestion. ]

Where did you end up ? How was it ?

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Wow, this is awesome, thank you so much (for future reference)! I ended up not going (to be honest, I hate business dinners with the particular folks who were out here because food is beside the point and I hate wasting a dinner out) but they ended up at Kincaid’s because it was closest to their hotel. Thank you everyone who responded so I am prepared next time! We have an office in SSF and every time there are meetings there, this same challenge comes up!

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