Dinner Near EWR

I have to pick up The Sprout at Newark Airport on Tuesday. Her flight arrives at 9pm. Any suggestions for some place to eat? Something that a gray-haired lady eating alone won’t be too out-of-place.

I initially thought of the bar at Seabra’s Marisquiera but then thought there may be somewhere else interesting. Doesn’t have to be in Newark but should be a reasonable drive to the airport.


Fernandes 2


It is probably my favorite restaurant for your dollar.

Within walking distance is Spain. It’s literally a 2 minute walk out of the train. I’ve probably been there a hundred times over the decades…great spot! There are so many good spots there. Spain and Fernandes are two I love.

I was absolutely going to say you can go sit at the counter at Seabra’s and they also have a parking lot… Separate of that, what do you want to dip in early to Jersey City? If so, there’s the new food hall and one of the office buildings… I know Ani Ramen is there and they alone are worth a visit!

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Funny I have a dinner appointment at La Griglia in Kennilworth Tuesday night, it’s about 10-15 minutes (south) of the airport. That would be my top pic for the area.

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When we lived in Elizabeth we went to Valenca all the time. It’s just off 1/9

If you want to try something a little different, famed Chef Marcus Samuelsson has restaurant Marcus B&P in Newark. I haven’t tried it but it looks good and he is a very talented chef.


He IS a very talented chef, but I have to say I’ve heard very mixed reviews about this place. Red Rooster in Harlem, on the other hand, was excellent!

I’m told that Krugs makes the best burger in the state, but I’m not sure how it is for a solo diner.

Just a word of caution, I’m pretty sure I read that this closes at 7 PM daily. My office was in the building but I have been working out of another location for the last several months.

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Ahh…wasn’t sure about that—thx!

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Valencia (Valenca) is 4 mins from the airport but once inside you are 4000 miles from the airport. We book our flights so that we land just in time for dinner there, no matter where we had just arrived from.


Thank you all for the great recommendations.

@corvette_johnny In all the years I worked and ate in Newark I’ve never been to Fernandes 2.

@CurlzNJ Seabra’s started as #1 on the list for the exact reasons you note - easy parking and a nice bar to eat at. Mr Bean voted for Seabras only so I could bring home an order of the Acorda de Mariscos for him.

@NotJrvedivici I’ve great things about La Griglia but it looks like something better experienced with others.

@OGguy @coldbeer70 Hmm. a couple of octopus dishes on the menu - Valenca looks like a possibility.

@paryzer Funny you should mention Marcus Samuelsson. I woke up in yeh middle of the night remembering him. I was gonna ask if anyone was familiar with his place.

@gracieggg Thanks for the heads up about the hours at the JC food hall.

So much to eat, so little time.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I ended up driving past Marcus B&P and would have stopped in but I wasn’t in the mood to fight for a parking spot. Since Seabra’s has a lot I went there. Had a very nice dinner at the bar. Lots of friendly waitstaff and patrons. Made it to the airport with ease and The Sprout’s plane was only 15 minutes late.

Roast goat special, I forgot to get the Portuguese name. The waiter did ask twice if that was what I really wanted - I did. It was very good.


Cabrito in Spanish…

DH would have lost his mind over that … too bad it’s not a regular menu item

@CurlzNJ I think probably spelled the same in Portuguese but pronounced differently?

@chowdom It was really good. I usually go for seafood here but love goat and figured what the heck. You don’t see goat on menus all that often. Very much a good call.


I got curious…any of these look familiar?

Portuguese Translation

More Portuguese words for goat
a cabra noun

a trouxa noun

o tolo noun

caprino adjective

Pretty sure it was something along the line of cabrito pastor no forno. I tried to google it seems this actually does exist. Whole roasted baby goat.

Whatever it was, it was really good.

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