Dinner in Redding, California

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My wife and I are going to stay in Redding for a night or two in order to gaze at a newly-replenished Lake Shasta. We would like to have a recommendation for something wonderful in Redding. (We live in the East Bay, so Oliveto, Chez Panisse, etc., are our gold standards.)

Thanks for your help.

It would be nice to be surprised, but I wouldn’t carry high hopes for the equivalent of Oliveto or Chez Panisse in Redding.

Champa Garden, the Laotian place in Fremont that’s liked by many has a restaurant in Redding. I ate there a couple of years ago. I wasn’t blown away, but it may be what we ordered. Still, it was fine and preferable to chain restaurants. I’d go again.

There’s a recent topic here for Mt. Shasta and environs. Since you’re going to Lake Shasta, you may want to drive further up the road to Dunsmuir for a couple of very appealing options that would be more in the direction of the places you cited.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We had a very good dinner at Champa Garden. We especially liked the quail appetizer. (The server said it’s not often ordered because most customers don’t know what quail are.) It’s related to the Champa Garden in Oakland–grandfather and grandchild.

Great! Glad it worked out for you.

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