Dinner in Portsmouth - Urgent help needed

So, we’re getting on the ferry to France from Portsmouth tomorrow night and I’ve been told last minute to find the restaurant. Any cuisine is fine but there are 4 strict veggies in our party of 8. Can anyone help please??

Do you need to eat in Portsmouth, if so, I have no recommendation but there is a lot of High Street stuff in Gunwharf Quays. If going by car, would you stop 30 minutes away? The Hawkley Inn in Hawkley is the pick of the bunch around Petersfield and, less than 10 minutes from the A3

we also have a portsmouth in new hampshire and it took me a sec to realize there is no ferry from there to france. :slight_smile:

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Haha! Thanks for the Hawkley Inn rec - only one veggie dish on the menu though when I last checked. Dyu think the chef would be flexible? Otherwise yes I guess the ferry is an option - think we’re going with Brittany

Flexibility at Hawkley - It is the sort of place that tries to help but I suggest a telephone call to check.

I’m not a vegetarian but I think the same rules apply: limited choice and a good meal is better than a wide choice and a mediocre meal.

We ended up going to the Hawkley Inn - the veggies were also satisfied with a generous choice of salads, soups and a main dish featuring chickpea fritters, labneh and sides. We started with a pint of fresh jumbo prawns, aioli and brown bread - nutty sweetness from the prawns was perfect to whet the appetite.
I had sea bass for main which was perfectly cooked and served with vegetables, delightfully smoky and charred with fresh new potatoes. Others enjoyed Cumberland sausages and mash and homemade gravy, all of which were well executed - and a steak and kidney pie that disappeared very quickly! The inn is in an idyllic village setting with friendly staff and clientele who made us feel very welcome.

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I am so pleased to hear that you had a good outing to the Hawkley Inn, thanks for posting your report. The beer is not bad either! (As a Londoner in exile we do miss easy access to lots of great places but this is by far the best and most reliable we have found in the area.)