Dinner in Port Chester NY - tonight? (11/18)

I know this is short notice but we are thinking of doing some shopping in PC tonight and wondering where we can get a casual bite to eat. Kind of craving Mexican but I’m open to suggestions. I know there are a lot of different options so what’s your favorite?

Acuario for Peruvian was one of my favs, but I haven’t been there in a few years. Also a few other Peruvians are good as well. Several new ones have recently opened.


I’ve been out of Westchester for a while, but there were some really good hole-in-the-wall Peruvian places. when I was there.

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Thanks! Acuario looks good and I am liking the idea of Peruvian food. Haven’t had it in ages.

My boss lives in Larchmont and recommended Little Mexican Cafe in New Rochelle to me recently - I haven’t been so I can’t recommend it personally, but it’s in the area if you want to take one for the team and give it a go! :slight_smile:

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I would recommend popping your head into Inca Y gaucho if your driving in via westchester avenue and have the time just to compare the difference in ambiance

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I’ve been to little Mexican cafe but not in years. I think it’s going to be a game time decision after we are done at Costco, which btw is open till 7 until the holidays!

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Good to know! I think I am going to hit up the Restaurant Depot and Costco in Port Chester tomorrow - wish me luck! Last year I waited until Wednesday morning to do my shopping, thinking everyone would be at work and the stores would be dead. WRONG. I went to the Costco and Stew’s in Yonkers and it took me 45 minutes just to get from the light at Jackson down that little back road entrance to the complex. Never again!

Ladies … I give you the Wharton, NJ Costco
Saturday night at 5:15, this store is set up in a more similar fashion to New Rochelle than Yonkers, but was cleaner, less cramped, brighter and way more organized than either. They had the stagg chili and coffee filters I could no longer find in Westchester, Starbucks French roast beans were
13.99 and 40 ounce jars of Rao’s marinara were available for 7.99. Bonus was the spotless
bathroom that had a really pleasant scent, I loved this store … better than Costco though
was the Apple Store in the adjacent parking lot, in and out in 5 minutes … definitely worth the 35 minute drive from home and almost worth moving to NJ for, almost

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What kind of coffee filters?

The cone ones, they didn’t have them in Yonkers and didn’t know if or when they were restocking

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They haven’t had them in Port Chester for the last month either! So annoying.

Just to update the thread, I ended up getting outvoted so we went for Mexican food at Taqueria La Picardia. We started with the guacamole and chips, a nice mild rendition, and between us sampled some tacos, a burrito, and a quesadilla. The quesadilla was soggy, the burrito and chicken taco were nothing special, and the beef taco was sub par (the beef was tough and gristly). The best of the bunch was the al pastor pork taco that was heavily seasoned and crisped and browned beautifully. I could have eaten three of those. I wish my companions had gone for Peruvian-- next time I hope!

@chowdom Very nice! PC was empty at 6:15 on Saturday. Like I mentioned, they have holiday hours now (usually they close at 6 on Saturday) and I guess they’re not well publicized so it was empty! Only down side… No samples! :slightly_smiling_face: