Dinner in downtown Napa, Tuesday through Friday, early February. 🙂

Tuesday through Friday, early February, for a class at Copia.

We do Yountville and St. Helena a lot, but that’s on weekends and holidays, with husband driving.
(Maybe this Sunday or Monday? Different thread. )

Is mid-week different? The hotel rates are.
I will be taking a class downtown, will be dining solo, and want to limit driving. Any favorites in walking distance of “downtown”?

There’s always Morimoto.

Yes! Great choice since I’m dining solo. Husband is not a big fan, and that’s not what you want when you are dropping that kind of coin!

There was a tapas place I wanted to try; maybe Zuzu? How about La Taberna? Anybody know Spanish or Tapas in the area?

We used to go to Celadon a lot; any recent updates?

Bounty Hunter seems popular, but not sure I would prioritize BBQ. But I do like great brisket. Thoughts?

I will be visiting Portugal and Turkey this year. Any of that in the area?

I think Turkish will just be generic falafel and kabob. Not worth a meal.

La Salette you’d have to go to Sonoma the town. It may be a bit far. It was a nice meal for us, but it was years ago when we went.

There’s always Oxbow if you are looking for a quick bite and they have the food court. Hog Island and the oysters would work well for one person.

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The only Turkish restaurant in downtown Napa is Tarla Mediterranean, and it’s quite good. Yelpers mistake it for Greek, but I’ve noticed almost all the Turkish restaurants are using Greek names for dishes/ingredients because they find Americans are more familiar with them.

It is one of the very few Turkish restaurants our Turkish friends, who try every Turkish restaurant within 100 miles of the EBay, are willing to return to - and they do so regularly.

It was definitely NOT generic falafel at Tarla when we went. SCK, when did you try Tarla? We haven’t been back in a while but our Turkish friends went last year, and report it’s still very good. Their kunefe is excellent altho very filling.

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The classes are at Copia, so I’m sure I’ll check out Oxbow. Vendors seem to chi, but I always find a lot to like.

We met our future-DIL, who is Turkish, in Rhodes last year (we were supposed to stop in Istanbul, but Royal Caribbean bailed). There seems to be a lot of overlap. She is now our DIL, and will be joining us.

Re: Tarla

I am of Mediterranean descent. Dad born in Turkey. I honestly have so much have wanted to like Tarla. And been there many times, last time was invited by friends. But every visit I find the food mediocre, over expensive and not-authentic. I love the owners who are super nice but hate the restaurant. They have truffle rissoto on the menu. Nuff said.

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Miminashi, an izakaya restaurant, is great. I’ve heard very mixed things about morimoto recently

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Bummer! You might want to do a separate post rating the Turkish places, maybe? - I think we’d all enjoy it.

Back to OP: We spent some time in downtown Napa in February 2018. Were eager to try Zuzu Tapas to compare it with Tasca Tasca/Sonoma Square, Bravas/Healdsburg, Lucia (now closed). Instead disappointed: found the food very heavy and everything we ordered was either salty or acidic - really acidic.

The beautiful jamon was heavily drizzled with EVOO, which we found odd; served with pickled garlic. The baccala chowder was just too salty; somebody should have rinsed the cod at least one more time or maybe twice. Picadillo filling in empanada was tangy. Turkish crab pastry also heavy on vinegar and even more vinegar in the salad dressing. Flat-iron steak had EVOO and vinegar dressing in addition to the chimichurri sauce. So…except for the soup, everything we ordered tasted like salad dressing, LOL :((.

If the OP feels like doing a solo wine tasting, can heartily recommend Carpe Diem (just down from Oenotri). Sometimes closed for events so check website. Note food is very hearty; servings are generous.

We aren’t big fans of Oenotri (think it was better when it first opened/before partner split-up), but we do enjoy Ca’Momi, practically next door to Carpe Diem. Lovely Neapolitan food, and don’t miss having a single exquisite bigne for dessert, for fans of cream puffs. Ca’Momi makes the best cream puffs around - the honey vanilla, coffee/espresso, and strawberry are particularly fine. A 2-bite delight to end a meal perfectly!

There’s two excellent cookwares stores* in the Napa Valley for those who enjoy culinary window-shopping. Everybody knows Shackford’s in downtown Napa, but we prefer the Steve’s Hardware/Kitchen Annex store on Main St. in St. Helena. Annex is right next door to the hardware storefront - I dropped a bundle and had to drag myself away before buying even more!
* actually, there’s four: the CIA has 2 gourmet shops as well. One is at Greystone campus as you enter the main bldg. The second is in CIA Copia, across from Oxbow and the parking lot.

Going midweek to Napa is always preferable to weekends. Tourism is down overall over the last couple of years anyway, and if the weatherman is correct that the “storm door” will reopen in early Feb, that holds the visitor count down even more.

People eat late for both L/D so reservations are easy if you’re dining early.

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Very helpful! Thanks.

Pasta Prego, neighborhood Italian. Azurro, pizza! Zuzu, tapas, wine linger and take in the vibe. Gran Electra, C Casa and Las Palmas for California cuisine. These are within a few blocks of Copia

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Thank you! Thank you all!
Don’t know if I’ll do wine tastings, as that’s part of the program. (Poor me!!) I’d take some bottles, though!

I’ll be staying at Napa River Inn. Classes end around 6:30, and they recommend reservations no earlier than 7:30, which is not early, at least in the US!

Parking a few links

Can Momi Pizza plus!

Pasta Prego

Azzuro Pizzeria Husband would like that, and might join me Wednesday.


Gran Electra

Las Palmas

C Casa

I’m sort of curious about the Mexican places. Like I was about the new Thomas Keller place. I assume this is different from the Mexican I eat 20 miles away, several days a week. I also assume it’s more expensive. I hope I don’t sound crass, but can someone help me appreciate it? I have really enjoyed the the tacos at C Casa at Oxbow.

Gran Electrical is upscale. Las Palmas is more casual and traditional. Not touristy, but maybe better for lunch. I have not been to the Keller place yet.

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Went to Gran Electrical; it was very good, but I wasn’t very hungry after all the “tasting” at the conference.
Guacamole, chips,salsa, NOT free!

Cauliflower taco

Tree leches

Tequila list

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Anybody know "Mango on Main?

Mango On Main

The menu looks somewhat Napa-fied. Did you end up trying?

It was closed for a holiday! So disappointed. Got something from Taylor’s Refresher/Gott’s instead