Dinner for a group in the Philadelphia Area?

Hello all
Hoping for some ideas for a large group dinner (15-ish) to celebrate the boss’s retirement. Our Office is at Broad and Fairmount but we will have regional directors coming in from lower Bucks County, Montgomery County and southern Delaware (the state, not the county).
Obviously would like to avoid chains, need parking or easy street parking, hoping for entrees in the low to mid-20s? Mix of adventurous and not eaters, no seafood only places. Does this exist?

Brauhaus Schmitz (oops, parking is crap)
Kalaya (altho Fishtown may not fit the bill - forgive my crappy geographical grasp of the city’s burbs)
Osteria (?)
Zahav (don’t know what the parking situation is there, tho)

Hope others chime in.

Thank you, Natascha. Kalaya would be too much for the challenged palates in the group ; ).
Osteria is on the list since it is two blocks away. I don’t think we’d ever get in to Zahav : (

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Osteria def has the space! Although I will say our most recent experience there was not great: we were seated in a very dark room mostly lit by candles on the tables - almost everyone seated there was using their phones to even read the menu, and there were odd security-type dudes (FOH managers?) with earpieces swarming around. Plus the service asked almost comically often how everything was.

It was all so distracting and different from our previous experiences (in other areas of the restaurant) that we haven’t gone back. Plus there are always so many new places to discover!

I did have one of the best pieces of pork there.

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