Dining related question regarding a new, to us restaurant

We’ll be attending a Funeral Wake luncheon celebrating the life of a relative, tomorrow. Would it be appropriate to pay close enough attention to food and service there, to write up a dining review?

Sure, if you’re composed enough to be fair. But maybe don’t sit there and take notes and pics in case others are having a harder time with the loss.


I’m not sure we can answer that for you, Jimmy. Only you know how you’ll feel and only you know the relationship you had with the relative.

It is many years since we had a family funeral lunch - before the time when I started to write reviews. But I remember the lunch fairly well and, in truth, I don’t think it’s a meal I would choose to write about. The place was chosen because it could cope with 30+ people, not because of its gastronomy. It isnt a place I’d visit for a normal meal.

That said, I don’t think it’s inappropriate to write about. Would you be writing this as a review of a place to have a Wake, or, simply, just another restaurant? If the former, then I think it is tricky to do. But I see no reason why this couldnt be a “normal” review. I have two caveats to writing reviews. Firstly, I don’t do meals at big chains - what’s the point? And, second, I don’t generally mention the food that was eaten by friends/family dining with us. As such, they are always just meals taken by me and Mrs H. You may be able to write it in such a way so as not to indicate it was a Wake. But does that run the risk of another family member seeing your view and saying/thinking that Jimmy was more interested in the food than remembering the deceased.


If the deceased was a great lover of food, or the food served connects to them in someway, Paying attention to the food is one way of honoring what they would’ve wanted. That’s only true to the extent of the food is good.

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Wonderful replies thus far. I sincerely thank you for taking this topic seriously.

Minority opinion here - avid yelper - I wouldn’t. Not the time to be parsing the sauce on the chicken.

I also think your question indicates you are a tad uneasy with the idea, which is probably for the best.


If at all, weeks from now you could still write a review.


This is what I think too. I probably would but I’d wait a respectable amount of time after the event. Maybe six weeks…I’m not sure.


My question kind of answered itself yesterday. The family of the deceased hosted his Wake at his favorite restaurant, the Fenton Firehouse, a barbeque. The wake was attended by well over 100 people–which itself is heartening because so many people wanted to say an “until we meet again”, at an observation of his life rather than a funeral home visitation.

I’d rank the food and service as a 4 / 5. Food was served buffet style which costs it a point. (that might be unfair because to feed 100+ people at the same moment is probably impossible without using a buffet). Protein served was chicken and pulled pork. I didn’t taste the chicken, but the two pork sliders I made for myself were tasty. Probably top 5 of any I’ve eaten at a restaurant. The Mac & Cheese portion I had left me craving more; it was that good. And the Cornbread, and North Carolina Slaw were excellent. I passed on several sides that I feared would challenge my stomach–our drive home was just too far to chance upset.

The Fenton Firehouse supports an amazing bar service, considering its located in rural Oakland County, more than 50 miles from Detroit proper.

I think it was a sendoff my former Brother In Law smiled upon.


There’s your best review👍