Dining out recs needed for Thanksgiving [NJ]

Hey HO’s! Long time no see!

I’m still around, but I’ve been doing the Whole30 since Oct. 1, and based on the way I feel, (also the ways I no longer feel!) I plan to not reintroduce certain food groups back after 30 days.

Anyway, we went out for Thanksgiving dinner last year… it was Golden Corral, but hey, we’re cheap and easy. They’re still closed this year in NJ due to the plandemic. I don’t exactly fancy an hour drive to Bensalem to a GC that IS open, nor do I want to host dinner (guess who does all the cooking?), so I was wondering if anyone knows of any open restaurants serving a traditional menu in the Monmouth/Middlesex county area, or beyond. Was hoping for something buffet style. Last buffet I was at was at Great Wolf Lodge in PA, and while it was AYCE (and the food was quite good!), it was not self-serve. I suppose I’ll have to wear a stupid mask while getting my food, but not while I’m actually eating. But, whatever.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


We went to Blend, in Manasquan last Thanksgiving, and it was solid. I’m a vegetarian, and they pointed me towards the dishes without meat, and even put me together a special plate for an entree. The carnivores also enjoyed their meals, from what I heard. Service was good, as well.

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You could join this place…they’ll probably be able to accommodate .


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We walked by Blend yesterday and they are doing Thanksgiving dinners again this year - pick up for sure. I’m not sure about dine-in but they are open for indoor dining at this time.

Costco is actually featuring a Schwan’s delivered Thanksgiving meal which is just heat and eat for $90. I think that it comes frozen.


That’s quite a super deal!


Pickup or county delivery; prepared and fresh.

Interesting. I’ll have to see what the family’s plan is for this year. I’d hoped to get back to Florida to spend the day with my parents and sister’s family, but not sure if that’s in the cards. I’ve not eaten there since, but wouldn’t mind going back on a non-holiday to check out their normal menu.

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I’m not getting near a covid tube which I call trains and planes. A car trip is feasible with cautionary practice.

I was thinking about this…since Thanksgiving is a week from today. Is there any place open for dining in Monmouth County on Turkey Day? Some place that might have a menu that acknowledges the date somewhat I should say, however peripherally. Probably not I’m guessing.

I just came across this and thought of you.

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The price is shockingly reasonable for them…


Very kind of you! My kind of food, but my wife and kids wouldn’t touch any of that stuff, lol.

It will only be the 4 of us, I’ll either cook or buy a premade meal at Shoprite. It’s actually a fantastic deal!

Well, it was, apparently sold out now, but was 2 lbs of mashed, 2 lbs sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, 10-12 lb. Turkey, precooked, stuffing, cranberry relish, gravy for $50!

I guess I’ll drag a turkey out of the freezer. :slight_smile:

I’ve never looked at the menu but now see that the dine-in menu/price seems almost too reasonable compared to their regular offerings.

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WOW! With that pricing I can see why it’s sold out. That sounds like a good deal. We’re just 3 this year and I still haven’t decided if I’ll even bother with turkey. May go straight to the sides.


It’s funny…I cook turkey (parts) and make soup year 'round, so TDay for one is only special because I’ll be making our family’s one necessary item - Cranberry Crunch! Double-crusted (oatmeal/brown sugar) and filled w a cranberry/raisin mixture, served hot w vanilla ice cream. I could just have that, in fact… HMMM.


I actually like turkey and cook it all year, especially the Jewish Holidays. But to me Thanksgiving is all about the side. I cook most of them throughout the year but usually one or two at a time. For TD I’ll do them all - gravy (which I don’t like and never make) stuffing, sweet potatoes/tzimmes, mashed potatoes (which I also don’t like), two kinds of cranberries, a few green veggies, canned corn if my nephew is here, and Mr Bean’s mother’s jello mold which no one eats but must be on the table.

That Cranberry Crunch sounds so good. Would you mind sharing the recipe?


Of course!

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David Burke’s Drifthouse in Sea Bright is doing Thanksgiving as well, but $75.00 a head. Turkey arbitrage.

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Is it only arbitrage if you think Burke’s food is an asset?