Dining Near Bargemusic

Does anyone have recent experience with restaurants reasonably convenient to Bargemusic, pricewise and formality north of Luke’s Lobster and Shake Shack but south of the River Café? How are Henry’s End, Noodle Pudding, and Vinegar Hill House these days? Is there anything new and worthwhile?

No Juliana’s or other starch-forward places, please, though a sturdy tavern with a good pub-style burger would be OK, too.

I haven’t yet decided between evening and afternoon, so suggestions need not be constrained by day of the week or time of day.

Thanks in advance.

We’ve eaten at Henry’s End with friends twice in the past week and will be back tomorrow night. Been going for 30 years – the food’s actually gotten better and the game menu is currently on (turtle soup is great). Highly recommend the duck or tuna preparations, as well as the great fried chicken. We eat at Noodle Pudding’s bar at least once/week and will be there for New Years Eve. Another place we’ve been going to since he opened over 20 years ago. All is freshly made and the place is a gem. The Wine Bar on the corner (next to Cranberrry’s) is owned by Henry’s End and has a good small menu as well. Of these 3, only the Wine Bar serves lunch. NP is closed Mondays & only takes cash/check, but HE is open 7 days/week & takes cards. Obviously, we love these places – since we’re friends with their owners, I hardly ever mention them on any of the boards, lest I be accused of shilling. But I’ll answer any specific questions about them you might have.

There are now several other places in the immediate area. Jack the Horse (on Hicks/Cranberry) seems to get very good reviews from folks we trust, but we haven’t been very much. The Indian place between HE and NP is to be avoided. The Italian place across the street from the wine bar (Bevacco) is just not worth going to either – too bad, since the owner’s other places (Bar Toto and Bar Tano) are not bad. Sociale, down the block on Henry near Orange St has good food but the service & attitude can be very poor. A new ramen place just opened on Henry on that block and reviews are mixed – we haven’t been yet, but looks promising. Enough?

Just right. Thanks for the effort and all the detail. Our itinerary turns out to be Sunday brunch (normally the dreariest meal of the week), followed by an afternoon performance. Looking at the web site, the Wine Bar seems ideal.

I’ve been meaning for the longest time to try that turtle soup.

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A SteveR exacta today: the Wine Bar for brunch before the performance and Henry’s End for dinner afterwards. That turtle soup is good stuff.