Dining in Sorrento Italy next week

I’m in Sorrento next week, anyone got any recommendations
Not looking for Michelin Star places
Thanks in advance

A couple of suggestions based on recommendations from a few years ago

  • my sister and her husband had a great meal at Il Buco - it was a 7 course tasting menu , not the sort of thing they usually go for, but it was delicious
  • a place that was formerly in the Slowfood Osteria Guide as Acqua e Sale looks like it has really good pizza and other dishes https://www.antoninoesposito.it/

a couple additioal recommendations from the old Chowhound Board, not of recent vintage - Da Emilia, by the harbor (seafood);

Hope you report back about what you find!


I loved sorrento . Ill never forget laying on the bed listening to patrons at the local pub cheering on the soccer broadcast below . Those large linen drapes on a sultry evening slightly covering the open windows.
While i was pulling urchin thorns from my leg . Recieved from climbing onto a rock swimming.
I was watching a fabulous cook show drinking the local white wine and limoncello.
A night to remember.

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WOW thanks to everyone for all your help, looking like a nice selection here.

I will second Pizzeria de Franco! Very good pizza served in a casual and fun atmosphere.
My favorite place in Sorrento was Porta Marina Seafood. It is right on the water in the Marina Grande, which is very cool. I am having a time entering photos of my meal at Marina Grande, but it is a simple, friendly place with excellent servers and food.


Google Photos


Thanks both look like exactly what I’m looking for

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