Dining in or near Islamorada [Florida]

Headed to Florida mid April and will be staying in Islamorada for a week. Looking for some good seafood restaurants in the area. Can be casual or upscale. Renting a car…

We had a couple of nights at Key Largo in 2015.

Good seafood at the Fish House there. We also had dinner at the Pilot House. Food was no better than OK but we’d gone because they had live music on. What was weird is that the deck is. literally, over the water and they have glass panels so you can see the sea beneath you while youre eating.

I gather Mrs Mac’s Kitchen is a local institution. Very decent diner. We went for lunch. What I liked was that quite a number of menu items are just described as “fish” - they actually make the dishes from whichever fish is fresh that day. So, the day we went, every fish dish was mahi - I had a mahi Reuben sandwich which was really nice, apart from the tasteless and pointless cheese (yes, I know an American sandwich isnt right unless it has cheese but, you know, sometimes it’s better to have less than to be right).

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