Dining at IAH - Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston

Remember when it seemed like every week someone would log onto Chowhound and ask where to eat at IAH? It’s come a long way since then…

IAH number 9 in world airport dining

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It’s been a long while since I’ve flown out of any terminal other than E. While on a food tasting getawary to NOLA, I was astounded at all the new places in Terminal C, I mean, you could just hang here for some great food.

Just a couple:

BamBam Viet-Cajun seafood
Pala Pizza

Another thing that I noticed (and really bothered me) is that there is an iPad at EVERY SEAT in ALL these new eateries, and I saw 1/2 dozen new eateries and bars or so on my way out. I would assume they are for ordering, but since they are afixed I also assume that they are also to access internet/games etc. That just made me so melancholy for some reason. I mean I saw the future, some 66 years after Ray Bradbury painted this same picture in Fahrenheit 451, and I wonder what that scoundrel Steve Jobs did to the rest of humanity back in 2010. Sorry it’s one of those days. :grin::computer::desktop_computer::tv:


Never read the novel but loved the movie. “We burn the books to ashes and then we burn the ashes.”

New Orleans, the humidity here isn’t enough so you’re going in for seconds.

ould not believe our luck, overcast skys and the occasional short downpour kept it tolerable, below 90.

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