Dine Out Boston - State Street Provisions report [Boston, waterfront]

We took advantage of Dine Out Boston for our first visit to State Street Provisions.

Thumbs up for the salumi plate we ordered to precede the Dine Out Boston menu.
The menu was 2 courses, which is fine with us since we typically skip desert.
Sampled two of three apps - steam clams and “duck carpaccio” salad. Broth for the clams was delicious, and the excellent rolls helped ensure not a drop returned to the kitchen. The duck “salad” was less a salad than sliced duck breast decorated with micro greens; although not what I expected it was also excellent.

Of two mains, arctic char was the winner; nicely seasoned and perfectly crispy skin, flesh still moist, served with cippolini onions and potatoes. Beet pasta was serviceable, al dente but didn’t convey convincing beet flavor.

$12 wine/beer pairings included an interesting “birch Berliner weisse” from NH (New Hampshire or New Haven?) and a crisp Grüner veltliner.

We were fans of the dearly departed Sal de la Terre at this location, but the room has been improved a bit by opening the curtains and letting more light in.

Service was efficient and courteous, and the manager was welcoming. They definitely earned a return visit.