Dine Out Boston March 12-25 2023

Any recommendations? Our only window of opportunity is Monday March 20 and Jody Adam’s places are closed. Barbara Lynch is not participating. The menu at Atlantico looks interesting but on closer inspection you can get everything off their regular menu at lower cost. Although I want to try Atlantico , it seems there’s no advantage to Dine Out Boston.

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Saves a few dollars, by my calculations, when compared with the regular menu, but just a few. I’d love to try Atlántico, and Serpa’s other restaurants, Select Oyster and Little Whale sometime, because I remember his food very fondly from when he was at Neptune Oyster (which mainly kept his recipes, it seems). But not during restaurant week, most likely.

Hasty calculation on my part was a bit off, but you make the point. Digging through more Dine Out menus Henrietta’s Table looks interesting. Haven’t been there in ages – last time was for Thanksgiving Dinner about a decade ago. They did a fabulous job, not sure why we haven’t been back.