Din Tai Fung Bellevue

Speaking of DTF, I was at pacific place in downtown Seattle today and saw this -

It’ll be 4th floor, 4th & pine corner.

For me you photo totally failed. Nothing :frowning:

Huh. I posted from my phone but I see it on my laptop too. Must be an apple thing. Anyway, the pic is of the DTF coming summer 2016 sign at Pacific Place.

Both pics work for me. They really need to get the SF Bay Area one open (Its been far too long) before they open yours…

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And Southcenter next year. I’m not sure we need four in the greater Seattle area, but good to know I’ll never be far from soup dumplings!

If the crowd is as ridiculous at the Seattle outposts as some other places, having more branches perhaps can thin out the crowds to the extent that the wait is actually manageable.

We’ve only been for lunch in both Bellevue and U District. Got there perhaps 15 minutes before opening and no problem.

Yes. Lunch crowds seem to be far lower for DTF. There are better options for dim sum in the ID, but you also don’t get the environment either.

I did eat at DTF again and it seems the consistency they once had is gone or they changed the skins on their dumplings. Will probably be another month or two before going back since it isn’t worth the price if they keep changing things.

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