Dim Sum on the south shore: Quincy? [Boston area]

I noticed several chinatown spots are also in Quincy now - Winsor and China Pearl are the ones I recognized. Wondering if there are other (better) choices in the area given the demographics.

Looking for weekday dim sum pre and/or post thanksgiving, but also to have in mind for some other weekend.


There are a few in Malden. Yong Yong is cheaper during the week and you order of a menu. Sung Kong is the traditional way with carts as are Mings Seafood. Not really on the South shore.

Thanks! Quincy options would be closer this time, but good to know for another visit.

I have not been, but have heard that Winsor in Quincy is fine. If you’re ever looking for something not dim sum in Quincy, the Sichuan dishes at Taipei Cuisine are really good.

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Two other options: East Chinatown (I think that’s the English name) – Tung Wong in Cantonese and 東皇 in characters - on Billings Rd also offers dim sum. I mean the bigger outpost on Billings Rd, not the original smaller restaurant that sells roast meats on Hancock St. Gets pretty crowded on weekends.

The China on Hancock also does a dim sum in the mornings and early afternoon, but with a bit more limited menu.

So we settled on Winsor - I’ve eaten at their other location before.

Tasty dumplings, but thicker skins than I’m used to in nyc. But, I’ll take it!

If you’re in the right radius, Winsor is on Seamless and other delivery platforms too!

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts!