Dim sum in Alameda?

I’ll be in Alameda next week. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, and I’m looking for dim sum recommendations. East Ocean, Pacific Lighthouse? Thoughts? Thanks.

I can’t speak about other places, but East Ocean has always been a favorite.

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We’ve been to both. East Ocean hands-down over Pacific Lighthouse. Better dim sum, better service. Owner is almost always on site.

PL has a view of docked boats and is large enough to handle the usual humongous Asian celebratory events that require big private rooms. That’s about its only two assets.

PL does an amazing scallop steamed dumpling using dried and fresh scallops. Outside of that the rest of the dim sum (har gow, siu mai, lo bak ko, pai kwat, har cheung fun, kuo tieh, chicken wings, beef meatballs, octopus/seaweed salad, spicy chow fun rolls) and Singapore chow mein were average to mediocre.

We also didn’t appreciate realizing once we got home, that we were apparently charged by PL for an expensive dish we neither ordered nor received. It was a weekday lunch and not overly crowded, so NO excuse.

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One of our regular out of town guests maintains a custom of hosting dim sum before departure. This time we landed at Pacific Lighthouse. We savored everything featuring shrimp or barbecued pork, especially the Tim Ho Wan-style bao. All the dim sum pieces were large and fresh. We noted that the runners wore clear cough guards, indicating that lately business might be a touch slow, though the room was close to two-thirds occupied. All in all, a pleasant sunny morning with vittles to match the view.

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We had dim sum at Pacific Lighthouse last week. As usual, it was excellent. Every dish arrived fresh, hot and tasty. Some of my favorites are the French style baked BBQ pork bun, Steamed bean curd shrimp rolls, Steamed scallop shu Mai and Shrimp rice noodle. They have a variety of dessert items, I like the Baked Portuguese custard tart. The food and service never disappoints and you can’t beat the sparkling view of the harbor bay.