Dim Sum Houston

Howdy y’all!

As promised, I’m working on dim sum with an expert. Since my son’s Chinese girlfriend is no longer in the picture, I’ve been chatting with Dorothy Huang about guiding us through a meal. I attended dim sum with Dorothy a few years back and it was informative and delightful. She lives in Austin, so we have to let her choose a date that’s convenient for her. And we need a minimum of eight people. She’s going to email me with potential dates and other details, such as place, time, cost, but I’m pretty excited.

Oh wow! I bow to your greatness!


Yeah I’m definitely in for that.

I have been to a couple of dim sum gatherings and decided they weren’t for me so have turned a couple more invites down. And I’ve just stayed silent when this topic has been brought up before here.

But this sounds interesting and I’m considering whether I want to participate. With some focus on edumacation instead of just a feeding frenzy… And just perhaps this group will be a bit more refined at the table???

Naw. I’m probably just kidding myself.

What happened at those gatherings?

This article says she’s in Houston but that was 7 years ago. What is her fee?

Don’t know exactly. She’s going to let me know all details. I actually went to dim sum with her a few years back when I first moved to Houston and it was $45 for everything, including plenty of food. I had a wonderful time and learned a lot. Asked questions and took notes. Unfortunately I lost them but plan to do better this time.

She does live in Austin now but comes to Houston to teach cooking classes at Central Market. She’s got one scheduled Fri June 28 (“Chinese Lobster Feast” - I signed up) so it’s possible we could do dim sum that Sat.

At any rate, after she gives me all the details, we can decide then if we want to do it or not.

That must be July looking at my calendar. I’m gonna note that day on my calendar. Thanks!

I went to a New Mexico cooking class at Central Market once, it was all demo, no hands on cooking and ticket price included the book. I went with DH and so we had two books. :frowning: I managed to gift one.

She’s also here June 30 for a different class.

Yep. Sorry. July 28th!

Any update @Jaymes?

I need a dumpling fix.

Chinatown tutorial ^^^

Yep. I really want to do this. She says she needs a minimum of eight. If we don’t think we can get eight, I’ll probably post it on Chowhound & eGullet. What do y’all think?

(For more information as to how to secure your reservations, pm me.)

Hi Chris,

So sorry it took me so long to respond to you. I have been quite busy teaching out of town classes. Here is the information for the Dim Sum lunch. Please share it with your group.

Date: August 26, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Place: Ocean Palace Chinese Restaurant, upstairs, (11215 Bellaire Boulevard, near Boone Road, 4 to 5 traffic lights west of Beltway 8)
Fee: $45 per person
Registration: Email me to reserve a space. Chinesecuisinedh@aol.com


Dorothy Huang

I assume this price includes food and she does the ordering? Count me in for 2

Yes. It includes food and she does the ordering but the last time I went (several years back) the ordering also included discussion. We talked about what the dishes were and then decided. Figure it will go like that.

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Hi y’all.

So I called Dorothy to tell her we’re not going to make it to 8 folks. She said no worries - she’s advertised it on her website and already has some other folks signed up. So it’s a go. Hope to see some of y’all there!

Should we go ahead and send in the money right now to reserve our spots? I assume so.

Yes. That’s what I’m doing. Emailing & sending a check.

I emailed her and asked for her address for mailing the check. I swore you posted it here but I can’t find it.

Did post it here initially but Doobs pointed out maybe not wise to post her home address so publically. Removed it.

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