Dim sum DC

I’m in town and would love to do a really good authentic dim sum in DC. Neighborhood in the city doesn’t matter as we will Uber. Help!

I’ve heard some good things about China Boy in Chinatown, but it seems like the best Chinese places have moved to Northern Virginia, with some going to Maryland, a long way from DC proper (Wheaton and Rockville). I hope others will chime in because I’d really like to eat some good Chinese food again. IT seems lie much the same with other Asian places, although areas in or closer to DC are stronger on Thai and Vietnamese than other Asian cuisines.

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I am not sure there is any dim sum place in the area that stands out, so just go to whichever is most convenient.

Although the choices for Chinese food, in general, are far superior in Rockville, MD and up-and-coming Fairfax, VA , this is still not a great area for dim sum. I live walking distance to one of the most popular spots in the DC area for dim sum, but quite frankly it’s not that good.

If I had to choose one place it would be Hollywood East in Wheaton, MD.


Thanks for the replys. My aunt’s live in Rockville so I think we will save the dim sum for out next trip and do it out there with them. We may try china boy later if we get back from the zoo early enough.

China Garden Han Gong in Rockville, which used to be in Crystal City, has recently opened two outposts in DC: Han Palace in Woodley Park and on Barracks Row.

I haven’t been to either of the DC locations yet, but the Rockville one is excellent. But the Woodley location is menu, not carts like Rockville. And I think the BR location is also menu, but AYCE for a fixed price?

In MoCo, I also really like New Fortune in Gaithersburg (which has reopened after announcing during the pandemic that they were not reopening) and Hollywood East.


China Boy is a small shop that makes their own chow fun and rice crepes and sells them to markets and restaurants. They also make a few dishes mostly for takeout. They have at most two tables. There is nothing special about what they prepare, and despite it being listed sometimes as ‘dim sum,’ it is not at all.

“China Garden Han Gong in Rockville, which used to be in Crystal City”
I went several times and really enjoyed it. I went once to a Moon Banquet there, and was amused to point to some teenagers that the noodles they’d been eating so avidly actually were strips of jellyfish. I’ll try to get to their Woodley location. Sigh. So many restaurants, so little time.

There is no dining in anymore at Chinaboy. Not really a dimsum place.