Dim Sum, Catering and Desserts (Monmouth Co, NJ)

My sister in law is getting married and my mother in law wants to do a dim sum menu for the bridal shower. She she spent several years in China and both her and her husband to be are very well traveled. My mother in law wants to cater this and have it at her home so a series of question for my trusting HO’s:

  1. Have you done this or been to a party that this has been attempted and successful? The idea is this is catered and I’m… nervous… I feel like half the beauty of dim sum is being yelled at and the urgency of pulling unknown stuff off a cart but I digress.
  2. If we do the above and cater, I’m thinking West Lake in Matawan or maybe Crown Palace in Middletown. I really liked our dim sum outing MANY MOONS AGO at West Lake, but is there better that you can think of to cater this from?
  3. Desserts. Any local bakery that does moon cakes, those yummy egg custard things?
  4. Thanks. I feel like I should just advocate for this to be at West Lake and we call it a day.

Congratulations? :rofl::rofl:
My first thought for dim sum was Crown Palace, so it’s probably worth asking what they can do. I wish I could be more help than that, but I can’t!

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LOL, I just want to be eating dim sum! How did I get tasked with this task!?!!?!

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Although I love West Lake and have for years, when I want dim sum lately I just go to Crown Palace in Marlboro. Very close, very good, and they do cater.

I’d call both and compare.


Has anyone been here yet? I’ve been meaning to stop by but have not yet. If you just wanted a bunch of different dumplings without getting into some of the more intricate dim sum this might fit bit the bill.

Crown would likely have the infrastructure to offer a catering experience and their dim sum is very good.

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Congrats and LOL, they really assigned you quite a task :joy:

Never had dim sum catered before (or even heard of anyone attempting it, tbh).
In Monmouth, West Lake and Crown Palace are the only places I know that do Dim Sum.
If they do cater, my advice is make sure to pick dishes that would cater well… i can’t imagine something like a steamed dumplings or steamed rice roll would taste any good if not eaten fresh.

Little bit confused on what you mean by moon cakes because you mention egg custard.
You mean this (A)?

or this (B)?

Anyway, closest Asian bakery i can think of is the bakery department in Asian Food Center off Rt 79 in Marlboro.


Thanks! Good tips and I think I meant both of those desserts! Yum!

We have been several times. There is a post on here about it. We like the dumpings a lot. Probably won’t fit the bill for this event but good suggestion!


My vote for large scale Dim Sum catering is Crown Palace Marlboro, I know of certain local Asian organizations that have had them do their events.
As for Shanghai Bun it’s okay for food but I have not been happy with how their Dim Sum travels.
Good luck :+1:


Thanks! Any Intel on how the Middletown location compares? My in-laws are in Middletown so that would be preferred.

No intel on Middletown since I am local to the Marlboro location.
For desert you might try the Asian market about 1 mile south of Crown Palace in Marlboro. They have a pretty good bakery & have the custard confection of which you seek.

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Most of the dimsum dishes don’t travel very well. Does that bother MIL?

In the past I’ve been adamant against takeout dimsums. I relented during COVID. But steamed (dry) and baked (soggy) dishes just don’t do well in takeouts. You can probably rebake for a few minutes at home, though I don’t think resteaming works.


I strongly advocated for having this at crown Palace but alas apparently my sister in law only wants an at home shower? :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

If your inlaws live close enough maybe they can just roll some of those steam carts down to the house


This is the best idea yet!

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