dim sum at Sun Kong, Malden, MA

Continuing a relentless march thru the town of Malden, I hit up Sun Kong on Sunday morning. Got there at 11 and it was already packed (I thought they opened at 11!). In the main I don’t think Boston has any real great standouts for dim sum (Windsor is my favorite) but this place does nicely for a cart service, solid place to get eats on a weekend. It’s better than the cart service places downtown, I think.

A lot of the usuals here are really good and everything was coming out good and hot from the kitchen. Siu Mai and other assorted dumplings had good flavor, with wrappers that weren’t overdone or too thick. Shrimp noodles were soft and had a nice, mild flavor. Head on salt & pepper shrimp were fried great. The clams in black bean sauce were also a standout, briny clams in a salty sauce with good bits of jalapeno for spice. There was some sort of chicken with turmeric (I think?) wrapped in soft bean curd skin that had a wrapper that was maybe a bit soggy but was filled with chunks of nice and moist chicken.

On the dessert front, fried durian buns also came out blazing hot and crispy, with a fairly tame and not too sweet durian filling.

There were lots of other options too, but there were only 3 of us so things like chicken feet, beef tripe, eggplant with shrimp, pork buns etc will have to wait until next time. I think I’ll go here again, though–it beats Hei La Moon et al in Chinatown for access, flavor and freshness.

Sun Kong Restaurant

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I really like Yong Yong in Malden for Dim Sum. They don’t have carts, you order off a menu, so everything comes out of the kitchen freshly made. Having said that, I was very happy with my visit at Sun Kong.

yes, this one’s on the Malden list to try as well when I’m in town. Though I think Mandarin Malden might be the next place I investigate.

Looking forward to the write-up. I looked at the lunch menu a while back and it didn’t look too exciting.