Dig Inn opening in Rye Brook this fall!

Good news in Rye Brook. New farm to table restaurant opening in the “Family Discount” space in Rye Ridge Shopping Center! “Dig Inn is an exciting fast casual, affordable, farm to table, restaurant that serves organic, locally sourced food.”

That’s great news for Rye locals! I’m in nyc and they’re great for lunch, lots of tasty creative veggies (many of which i have reverse engineered to make at home myself) and compared to other similar “fast casual” places it’s easy to eat healthy at a reasonable price

I’m impressed by Dig Inn’s goals. But has anyone tried their food? How is it?

I’ve been to Dig Inn a few times. It’s fine but doesn’t allow for enough variety. While there are many choices you are allowed one/two from each category, a large portion of one vegetable rather than a little of each vegetable. Ironically, today CAVA opened on the other side if Rye Ridge. The choices were endless, for example, for the protein you could have half of one and half of another! This was awesome. And in the “salad” section you can have as many as you’d like. It will be interesting to see how the opening of CAVA affects Dig Inn!