Diet (and wallet) Buster alert in Westchester NY

Two pricey but delicious desserts to warn you about. Seth Greeenberg has opened in larchmont (closed mon/tues.) The schnecken are as good as ever,but one size only and at $3 apiece it must be a very special treat. His other pricing is just as stratospheric. The other is from the food shop in some bb & beyond. The one on Tarrytown RD. sells Asher chocolate covered graham crackers (and pretzels and chips - i think) The dark chocolate graham crackers although expensive are excellent chocolate. Be warned!

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I was in the city yesterday and had to take a cab up Madison Ave. Passed William Greenberg and had a thought to ask the cab to stop for a minute so I could run out and grab something!

Even though the original store still exists,i don’t think the family has had anything to do with it since it was sold years ago. I would rather go to the Larchmont store.

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How big is that one size? Unless it’s some mini 2 bite thing, $3 doesn’t seem ’stratospheric’ for something handmade with real butter. IMHO.

2 bites just about describes it, i would say 2 make up a believable portion, three is more like it. Granted it is very “rich” but I would say 2 is a minimum. It’s not outrageously priced, but it is at a level where I would only buy as a special treat.

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Do they have black and white cookies? Any photos for us, rich?

I’m not sure about B&W cookies, to tell the truth, the cases had yet to get fully filled. The only other thing i remember was a cinnamon loaf - looked to be the size of a pound cake and was $17. I think he’d been selling that at farmer’s markets. As far as pics go - I’m lucky i can post words so pics will have to be from someone else.

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Market stall in Lima
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